‘Star Witness’ Bill Taylor got his info on Rudy Giuliani from the NY Times


The media continues to spread lies about the testimony of the Ambassadors. Ambassador Sondland did NOT say there was quid pro quo in his updated testimony — read about that on this link. He was working on assumptions and the President told him no quid pro quos.

For the purposes of this article,  we will review the testimony of “star witness” Ambassador Taylor and where he got his information. He admitted the NY Times was his sole source and he too was making assumptions, along with all of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses.

These diplomats are used to running the show, assuming the role of all-knowing. They are accustomed to wielding the power and making the decisions, but then this President comes along who thinks out of the box and reminds them that the President sets foreign policy, not them. They are disgruntled and think they have the answers.


The NY Times gets their information from anonymous sources second- and third-hand and  that’s where the Ambassador got his ‘facts.’

Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, Taylor stated that Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, as spearheading the drive to get Ukraine to investigate Mr. Trump’s political rivals — to get “dirt” on them. That information was in a Times article by Nicholas Fandos.

Even if he did, it’s not illegal. The media is also trying to say that Giuliani and Trump were looking to influence the 2020 election, but that has been fully debunked. It also wasn’t about getting ‘dirt.’ All evidence says it was about investigating corruption.

Taylor’s testimony, as well as that of other disgruntled employees, “portrayed a president determined to enlist Ukraine in publicly undermining his political rivals, including former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

Mr. Taylor got the idea the Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani wanted dirt from the Ukrainians on former Vice President Joe Biden and on a theory [sketchy though it may be] that hacking during the 2016 election originated from Ukraine and not from Russia. It came from the NY Times. He never spoke with the President.

The information came up during Rep. Lee Zeldin’s questioning.

The Questioning

“Would you like to tell us what your position is on it?” Zeldin asked Taylor. “What was the goal of requesting investigations into the 2016 election and Burisma?”

“As I understand it from one of the — maybe the article in The New York Times about Mr. Giuliani’s interest in Burisma, in that article, he describes, and I think he quotes Giuliani at some length, that article indicates that Giuliani was interested in getting some information on Vice President Biden that would be useful to Mr. Giuliani’s client,” Taylor responded.

“I think that’s what he says. He says he’s got one client, and he’s useful to the client.”

“And then it’s your inference that Mr. Guliani’s goal would be the president’s goal?” Zeldin said.

“Yes,” Taylor responded.

“And your source is The New York Times?” Zeldin asked, to which Taylor answered affirmatively.

“So do you have any other source that the president’s goal in making this request was anything other than The New York Times?” Zeldin asked.

“I have not talked to the president. I have no other information from what the president was thinking.”

“Well, that’s comforting,” he said.

The left has tried to destroy Rep. Zeldin’s credibility since he has become a national figure by taking abridged excerpts from his questioning and using them to call him stupid. They also do things like publish more pages of the testimony, claiming falsely that Mr. Zeldin took it out of context. Every time they try to denigrate Mr. Zeldin, they look dumber.

The best thing Mr. Taylor could do for himself is to stop reading the NY Times or at least stop believing it blindly.

He should do what Kanye does — think for himself and use some common sense.


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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

Democrat supporters dont have a way to get real news. Im thinking highway signs in blue states would work. Where is Nancy? Shes hiding. Republicans should call on her to close the impeachment.