Starbucks to Re-Train for “Unconscious Bias” with Eric Holder in Charge


Starbucks deserves every bad thing they get just for being cowards by catering to BS artists. They have repeatedly apologized about two black men who were arrested in a Philadelphia store last week after they loitered for a period of time. That isn’t enough apparently, now they have to re-train all their employees.

The left-wing CEO Kevin Johnson is closing down 8,000 stores on May 29th for racial-bias — “unconscious” bias training. What the hell is “unconscious bias”? The training supervisor will be none other than Eric Holder, Obama’s gun runner in Fast & Furious.

The entire fiasco appeared to be a setup and you can read about that here. The men would not leave, even when police asked them to. They resisted a lawful order and the employees were following the company rules for that store.

The Starbucks training will also promote inclusion and help prevent discrimination.

Eric Holder And Other Leftists Will Make Sure They Do It

A number of leftists will monitor and make sure they do what the training mandates.

The Chicago Tribune reported: Nearly 175,000 current employees and all new hires will receive the training, developed with national and local experts from groups including the Equal Justice Initiative, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Anti-Defamation League and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Those experts will also be involved in reviewing the program’s effectiveness, Starbucks said.

That is just more indoctrination of the young baristas who work at this company. Little by little, the leftists are changing our culture.

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