Striking Comment From Tim Kaine Thursday: Hillary Speaks to the Press EVERY DAY


Tim Kaine just gave an interview on CNN’s New Day with Chris Cuomo Thursday morning and, after our being told that Hillary hasn’t had a press conference in 269 days, Kaine said she speaks to the press every day.

Mr. Cuomo mentioned that Hillary is being accused of hiding from the press to which Kaine said, Hillary talks to the press every day and so do I.. He then used the American Legion speech as an example but we would like to hear more about how she speaks to the press every day. Giving speeches doesn’t cut it.

If you are wondering why the media isn’t complaining about the pressers, perhaps this is why. Do they get their marching orders from Hillary herself every day in secret?

CNN in particular is 100% in the tank.

The entire interview with Kaine was only meant to tear into Trump. Kaine wants no deportations with an open border policy as does Hillary.

On Wednesday, Hillary gave a lackluster speech to the American Legion which was received with a tepid response. As usual, she seemed angry during most of the speech. She mentioned her time on the Foreign Services committee as the senator from New York but that is where she — literally — achieved nothing.

Clinton censured Trump during the speech for “trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again,”

“That’s not how it works,” Clinton said of her alleged diplomacy and international leadership.

She builds relationships? Like she did with Iran, Russia, China?

She also talked about reducing the chaos in the world.

Hillary and Obama destroyed the Middle East. She personally destroyed Libya and is not being held accountable.

China is building islands in the South China Sea through which passes $5 trillion in trade each year and they are arming these man-made islands. Russia hates us since the reset and is expanding their reach.

Israel and Saudi Arabia trust us?i don’t even trust us.

It’s almost beyond belief that she then talked about how important it is to take years to build up trust.

This is the woman who lies daily and has extremely high untrustworthy numbers.

Doesn’t anyone see that she is a gasbag?



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