Starving Children of Democratic-Socialist Venezuela


Sunday’s New York Times describes the starving children in Socialist Venezuela, but they leave out the root cause of the starvation, stopping short at economic collapse. After years of hunger, the article intones, starvation “is killing the nation’s children at an alarming rate”. That is according to doctors in 21 public hospitals across the country.

Since the economic collapse of 2014, there have been riots and protests over the lack of food, painfully long lines for basic supplies, soldiers guarding bakeries, and crowds ransacking food stores.

“But in 2017 the increase in malnourished patients has been terrible,” she added. “Children arrive with the same weight and height of a newborn.”

Venezuela is a Democratic Socialist country like the one Bernie Sanders wants for the USA. There’s a YUUUge difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism or Communism, Bernie said last year. Only there’s not. The big difference is the system allows people to vote. Eventually, that doesn’t work and it ends up in the same place as communism.

While the starving babies and children have been a state secret, doctors have been speaking up and telling media about the overwhelmed emergency rooms, filled with children suffering from severe malnutrition. This was a rare occurrence before 2014.

But soon they watched a steady stream of parents arriving with malnourished babies — only to leave, crying, “My child has died!”

With socialism, it’s only a matter of time before the economy collapses. It is inevitable. It can’t work by its very definition.

The article goes on to describe how infants are dying of starvation, young children are leaving their homes to forage for food in dumpsters, adults are shriveling to the size of children, and so on.

Although Venezuela has the “largest proven oil reserves in the world,” socialism was able to destroy the country.

The hospital even lacks the most basic medical supplies — soap, syringes, gauze, diapers and latex gloves.

The Times doesn’t mention socialism, we are adding that part of the story. The Times favors statism.

President [Dictator] Nicolas Maduro won’t even accept international aid. He has enough, what does he care. He lies to the people and tells them the U.S. is waging war against them and that’s why they have nothing.

Socialism is dictatorial mismanagement of the economy. That is what defines it, but the Times thinks the nation’s collapse is a mystery.

People who revolted in Venezuela faced the loss of food. This is how socialism goes eventually. Visiting representatives would go door-to-door telling people to vote for the government Socialists or lose their food.

The Times loves Bernie Sanders and treats the lunatic as if he were an economic genius. They are thrilled at the ever-increasing number of millennials falling for his pitch of freebies and his hate the rich mantra. They will never recognize the connection between a nation where the middle class has to dumpster dive for food, where money has no value, people can’t get toilet paper, there is no beer, zoos empty out, enforcers roam lawlessly, and where children die frequently from starvation.

But don’t worry, Maduro and his enforcers live well.

Venezuela was once richer than China, before socialism. There are other forces at play of course, but the overriding one is it’s a socialist dictatorship with a bus driver making all the decisions. In the name of democracy, like we hear from Democrats in the U.S., Maduro has banned all opposition.

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