State Department Under Hillary Misplaced or Lost Billions In Taxpayer Dollars


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Personal Liberty Digest uncovered another problem with Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State as if Benghazi isn’t enough. The State Department lost $6 billion of the taxpayer’s money over the course of six years – for four of those years she served as the head of the department.  Maybe it’s in her campaign fund.

report by the Inspector General prompted the unusual step of sending out a management alert last month.  Contracts worth $6 billion were either incomplete or couldn’t be found at all.

State didn’t properly file, store, handle or dispose of the contracts.  For example, in one case of contracts supporting the mission in Iraq, the department couldn’t provide 33 of 115 contracts. Contracts for $52 million, $100 million were improperly filed.

Their conclusion:

“The Department should take additional action to correct its inadequate enforcement o f the FAR’s provisions, and its own procedures, that govern the maintenance of contract files. The failure to enforce those requirements exposes the Department to significant financial risk and makes OIG oversight more difficult. It creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence o f illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file. It impairs the ability ofthe Department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests,11 and, in tum, those oftaxpayers. Finally, it limits the ability ofthe Government to punish and deter criminal behavior.”

President Obama left the Inspector General’s position unfilled for five years until last summer when he put Steve Linick in charge.

Linick’s “management alert” is only the second such urgent IG report in State Department history, according to Liberty Digest. The first, also issued by Linick in January, outlined “significant and recurring weaknesses in the Department of State Information System Security Program.”

At least we know Linick is doing his job because Hillary wasn’t.

They lost $6 billion because they didn’t properly file the contracts. Oh well, what difference at this point does it make.


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