State Dept. Says Iran Terrorists Caused the Violence at Iran-Gaza Border


The State Department reported that the violence at the Israel-Gaza border was the work or Iran and their minions in Hamas. The opening of the embassy was an excuse.

An article from the New York Daily News, a paper that recently sold for a dollar, called Ivanka Trump, ‘Daddy’s little ghoul’, as she smiled commemorating the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. They suggested she was smiling at all the killing and mayhem at the Israeli-Gaza border.

The articles from the media and comments from idiot celebrities like Bette Midler have supported the Palestinians who are actually Hamas. Hamas are Iranian terrorists. Even our State Department has labeled them a terrorist group. The State department came out today and blamed Hamas and Iran for the terror and death at the border.

One baby died but the baby had been very ill. One needs to ask who and why someone would bring a baby to a violent border.

The U.S. media did Iran’s PR for them and called the riots by the euphemistic word, “protests”. This is the same media that says we must not criticize the media — it’s unAmerican.

The Pew Research Center finds “Democrats are less pro-Israel than they’ve been in decades.” Young Democrats say they’re more sympathetic toward the Palestinians than the Israelis.

That is the tragedy of great PR from Iran and a corrupt U.S. media.

As the embassy was commemorated, tens of thousands of tires were burned in attempts to damage the fence on the Israel-Gaza border and obscure the vision of the IDF troops. Palestinians sent large incendiary kites loaded with firebombs across the border, igniting several large brush-fires. The IDF has used crowd control measures including tear gas and rubber bullets, resorting to live fire by snipers in situations that are life-threatening.

If theses guys were attacking you, would you shoot?


Egypt intervened and stemmed the violence at the border or more would be dead today. There was no violence anywhere else, just where Hamas hangs out. Let’s stop calling them insurgents and militants, they are Iranian terrorists.

This is one of my favorite video clips:

It is amazing how Israeli soldiers mostly hit terrorists.

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