State House Passes Gun Confiscation Law Aimed at Lawful Gun Owners


Despite the left’s constant assertion that they don’t want our guns and believe in the Second Amendment, they continue to push gun confiscation laws that will incrementally gut the Amendment. That was true this week of Illinois.

HB 1465 passed the Illinois State House and is on its way to the Senate. It enjoys a lot of support there and Republicans are outnumbered 37 to 22.

They plan to take guns from lawful citizens, ages 18 to 20, although they were bought legally. There is no grandfather clause. The bill is vague enough that it could include handguns.

The gun owners have 90 days to give up their guns. While the lawmakers say they won’t bang down doors to confiscate, they can and probably will at some point.

“The NRA-ILA described the weapons covered by HB 1465 as ‘commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms,’” continued that news outlet. “The bill also requires 18-20-year-olds to forfeit ownership of any magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.”

Semi-automatic rifles are not weapons of war despite the misinformation coming from the left. Rifles are rarely used for crimes, but the left knows that. Their goal is to go after handguns at some point.

The bill allows for the confiscation of handguns

The wording of the bill also made it possible for the government to confiscate handguns, depending on how the definitions are interpreted. Lawmakers outlawed semi-auto pistols for residents under age 21 if the handgun has a “shroud that partially encircles the barrel.” The slide of every modern handgun could meet this definition.

People found with the prohibited firearms will be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor on the first offense, making these kids into criminals.

Penalties would increase for citizens who refuse to comply with the law.

Lawmakers say they won’t bang down doors to confiscate the guns but there is nothing to stop them.

Those promises are worthless anyway, considering that the same legislators promised that nobody would be confiscating legal firearms to begin with.

The left is well aware of the fact that they have to gut our Second Amendment rights slowly, and this is one more nail in the coffin.


  1. Here in Illinois, the expectation is that the republican governor will sign it. That’s the guy that betrayed voters and made Illinois the official first sanctuary state. His primary is March 20th, he will likely sign the bill just after that. How gullible voters are.

  2. So if they come to your door, and you hand over your guns, you are charged with a crime anyway?
    ALL the other countries have gun laws that these idiots seem to want. Why is deportation not a viable solution to this violation of the Constitution? If you want to live here, you accept the founding principles of this country. If you want the laws from the country you hail from, move back there. Yeah I dgaf how many generations you’ve been here, benefiting from those same principles, it obviously didn’t take.

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