State Rep Erica Thomas’s Story Ends in Her Total Humiliation


The very last word on Erica Thomas — the state rep who wanted a Publix customer arrested — is in a new video clip.

Originally, Thomas went on TV sobbing, claiming the male ‘white’ customer told her to go back to where she came from. Then she blamed Trump and white privilege for the so-called hateful environment that made this man say such a terrible thing to her.

As it turned out, the man behind her on the queue is Cuban and a lifelong Democrat who hates Trump. He told her she shouldn’t be on the express line with so many items. The man, Eric Sparkes, admitted he called her a b*tch or lazy b*tch.

One witness came forward and said she is the one who told him to go back to where he came from. No witnesses supported her version of events. She pretended the man, half her size, had her afraid for her life in a store with all black people like herself and the white Cuban ‘offender.’

We now have an video-only glimpse into the event and she is the aggressor from what we can tell.

This ends the story and Erica Thomas who should resign immediately but won’t and will probably be re-elected.

We see her as completely humiliated but she’s so brazen, she’s unlikely to care that she looks like a liar stirring up trouble.

Erica ranting:

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