State Rep Rogers doubles down on “kill them now or later”


Alabama state representative John Rogers was once unknown but is now infamous for his abortion views. He said, “Some kids are unwanted, so you either kill them now or kill them later.”

He is enjoying his sudden fame, and the fact that it’s over killing people has not caused him any discomfort. Alabama Senator Doug Jones hasn’t said a word which should tell us something about the ‘moderate’ Democrat.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Rogers vile but honest comments.

Don Jr found it “stomach curling.”

The thing that is especially stomach curling is the fact that black babies are being aborted at an astronomical rate in proportion to their representation in the population.

Barely 24 hours after Rogers made his comments, he responded to Don Jr’s tweet by saying Donald Trump Jr. is “proof that mothers ought to have the right to have an abortion.”

The lawmaker said Donald Trump Jr. is “evidently retarded. Uh, crazy,” adding that it was “an honor” to be rebuked by Trump. “Donald Trump’s son, I know there’s something wrong with that boy.”

Hmmm, who’s retarded or crazy?

The Hitler-like Democrat wants to kill the handicapped babies.



  1. The dumb brother doesn’t realize abortions became mainstream because of the push by Planned Parenthood which was founded with the goal of genocide to eliminate Blacks in America.

  2. So, how many of his own do you suppose got the knife? What a horrible man. Why could he have have not come up with a positive cause for blacks other than killing them before you end up wanting to kill them????
    Our congress has turn into a cesspool. They stink clear to the west coast! Well of course, CA could be the cause of the stink! They bitch about white people…

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