State Tax Department Stasi Shut Down Businesses in the Business-Friendly State


ny open for business

Since the former Republican governor George Pataki left office, there has been a move to collect taxes from businesses in the state. In the first two years since Pataki left office, the state collected $14.5 million in back taxes which was almost three times the amount of taxes collected by Pataki throughout his terms. There is a price to be paid, however. New York State is shuttering businesses without mercy.

The New York State tax department is seizing restaurants and other businesses for back sales taxes without providing them with much of an opportunity to pay them. A local restaurant owner on Long Island went to open up this past week and the place was shuttered by the state tax stasi. The owners weren’t even allowed to go in to get their customer list so they could tell them the restaurant was closed – people have affairs scheduled.

It’s a lovely restaurant with great food and the owners planned to expand. They are sincere people trying to survive in a very unfriendly business climate of high taxation and heavy regulations.

New York City is controlled by a communist and the state is controlled by a radical left-wing dictator who never met a fiat he didn’t like.

Sometimes these businesses owe $16,000 or hundreds of thousands and sometimes it’s for a problem that has only existed for six months. Businesses need to pay their taxes but doesn’t the state have an obligation to help businesses survive by not killing them with taxes?

Restaurants have a low profit margin and often fail which makes them a target. The economy is not great and people do stay home more than they did.

The main problem with many businesses however is New York State keeps raising taxes.

Long Island has about 20% to 25% foreigners and the majority of them are here illegally or they are refugees who require welfare of some type. About 39,000 illegal immigrant children are expected to come to Long Island this year alone. How does New York State expect to support all these people if they continually raise taxes on homeowners and businesses? Now Cuomo is going to force businesses to pay $15 an hour whether they can afford it or not. This follows the Obamacare taxation.

New York needs cash though for all their entitlements.

A bright orange seizure notice and letter from a tax compliance agent are affixed to the door of the seized business. They also seize all the personal property located on the premises.

The owner of the most recent restaurant closure, a hard working person with a young family, went to work to find this:

seized restaurant1 seized2 seizure3

Don’t worry, the welfare will continue to flow and Al Sharpton will continue to not pay the millions he owes in taxes.

Come to New York with your business because we’re dead last in establishing a business-friendly climate and everything that moves is taxed and regulated.