States Propose Registering Ammo and Banning Traditional Ammo



Photo of sign with a message about gun control

California wants to ban lead ammunition. That along with other measures will end the Second Amendment as we know it.

They have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, closely followed by New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and now Colorado, states that seem to mimic California. They appear to be in competition for who can destroy the Second Amendment first.

California wants to ban traditional lead ammunition, register ammunition, and expand the assault weapons list to include most guns. Connecticut wants ammunition registration, universal background checks, and to expand the assault weapons list.



AB [Assembly Bill] 711 bans the use of traditional ammunition in hunting.

AB711 will completely ban traditional lead ammunition, which is a ban on all traditional ammunition. The animal activists want this bill and claim the lead is harmful to the birds of prey that eat the carcasses of animals killed with lead. The next step is to ban all traditional ammunition.

SB [Senate Bill] 374 defines ‘assault weapon’ to include ALL semiautomatic rifles and fixed magazines of up to 10 rounds. It bans a large number of commonly-used rifles.

AB 48, is very controversial. It would require every dealer selling ammunition in California to register with the state and create a database of ammunition purchases.

The measure also bars the sale of equipment to alter guns and it will alert police if a person purchases more than 6,000 rounds of ammo within seven days. Of course this won’t be enough for the anti-gun advocates and the bill will be expanded and developed over time.

The wording of the bill barring ‘transferring’ or ‘furnishing’ of ammunition without a license would make it illegal for a parent to hand a bullet to his or her child at a firing range. Boy Scouts wouldn’t be able to give hunter safety instructions or shooting merit badges according to testimony at the hearings. The wording will be changed.

It’s still a bad bill because, once in, it will be amended and there are no limits for the anti-gun crowd.



In Connecticut, they want ammunition registration and universal background checks.

They are proposing that all guns be registered. One bill would require all gun owners to register their firearms with the state Department of Public Safety within 10 days of purchase and to renew that registration every five years. Current law requires a permit to purchase and carry pistols and revolvers, but not rifles and shotguns.

That proposal is more about controlling the people than guns.

They are also proposing school safety plans while keeping the schools as gun-free zones.

They also plan to establish a gun offender registry. They might consider a drug offender registry or a violent-offender registry first as they are more to the root of the problems.

None of these gun bills would have saved the children of Newtown.

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