Statue Tear Down Stopped Over ‘Orwellian Agenda’! It’s Also $ Bills, Ship Naming…


The vote to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from its namesake park in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak lawn was in favor 13-1 with one abstention. Work began an hour later. It was stopped by a restraining order citing an ‘Orwellian Agenda’ by the Sons of Confederate Soldiers.

There will be a hearing on Thursday.

The council members said the statues tell a false history. According to council member, Philip Kingman, “These monuments represent a false telling of history.” Without even consulting historians, these 13 people decided to tear it down.

Leftists want to define our history for us.

We will soon see leftists heroes dotting our landscape in lieu of our Founding Fathers.

The culture war is taking place in every area of our culture including ship naming and photos of dollar bills.

Ship Naming Was the First Warning Shot Over the Bow

USS Cesar Chavez

The last Naval Secretary named ships after leftists and political hacks over naval heroes. He chose Harvey Milk and abolitionist Sojourner Truth, whose name has spawned numerous very far-left groups. She will have her name on a replenishment oiler.

Gabby Giffords had a ship named after her because some leftist shot her.

“I have named ships after presidents. I have named ships after members of Congress who have been forceful advocates for the Navy and Marine Corps,” Mabus said. “But I think you have to represent all the values that we hold as Americans, that we hold as a country. And so that’s why I’ve named ships the Medgar Evers, Cesar Chavez, John Lewis, the Harvey Milk.

His values are hard-left and he’s telling us those are now our values.

Cesar Chavez, civil Rights icon John Lewis, all of them actually are far-left stalwarts. Chavez was a Marxist and Lewis really is too.

Even Peyton Manning was getting a ship named after him.

Margaret Singer, racist abortionist

Dollar Bills Reflect the Hard-Left Culture

The $20 dollar bills will no longer bear the image of Andrew Jackson, they will sport a photo of Harriet Tubman, whom we like. They pick someone admirable like Ms. Tubman to worm their way in. The next won’t be as pleasant and they won’t honor decent people.

The back of the $10 bill will feature Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul; and the back of the $5 bill will feature Marian Anderson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. As Treasury Secretary at that time, Jack Lew, said, he wants the bills to tell a set of stories.

It’s a left-wing story.

One bitter response from a rapper Azealia Banks: “So, they’re gonna put Harriet Tubman on [t]he 20$ bill as another little trinket to keep blacks satisfied. But won’t repay us for slavery.”

That reaction is typical of the victim mentality percolated in the leftist agenda. The left will never be satisfied and we owe her nothing. She wasn’t a slave and no one alive enslaved her.

A self-described black nationalist who teaches at UC Berkeley – where else – tweeted: “#FreeJalilMuntaqim ‏@BlakeDontCrack, Putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is a disgrace to what she fought for. It’s the ultimate neo-liberal co-opt of the Black struggle.”

The leftist “Women on 20s” movement sees it as symbolic: We believe this simple, symbolic and long-overdue change could be an important stepping stone for other initiatives promoting gender equality.

Some of the women this group wants to put on the bill include Margaret Sanger, the Eugenicist and Founder of Planned Parenthood, and far-left wing nut Betty Frieden. The list includes mainly people of the left and some really absurd choices.

Alice Paul (1885 – 1977)
Betty Frieden (1921 – 2006)
Shirley Chisholm (1924 – 2005)
Sojourner Truth (C.1797 – 1883)
Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964)
Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005)
Barbara Jordan (1936 – 1996)
Margaret Sanger (1879 – 1966)
Patsy Mink (1927 – 2002)
Clara Barton(1821 – 1912)
Harriet Tubman (C.1822 – 1913)
Francis Perkins (1880 – 1965)
Susan B. Anthony (1820 – 1906)
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 – 1902)

It quickly becomes clear that it is an obvious effort to continue the cultural Marxism in a significant way.

Obliterate our Founding Fathers and early presidents from dollar bills because like most people of the time they owned slaves and put some leftist agenda item on permanent display via a commonly used bill to “tell a set of stories.”

Jackson can be removed without too much resistance whereas Alexander Hamilton is still too popular but his time is coming. Possibly after the play ends its run.

Jackson, who was an authoritarian, is being properly vilified in advance of the announcement.

The Daily Beast described Jackson as “villainous” and linked to a February article that called him a “mass murderer.”

The New York Post said Old Hickory “may well have been our most racist president” and was a “vicious, power-mad kook.” However, he stood with the people against the Establishment and was the victor of the Battle of New Orleans.

He stood with the people against the financial rulers of the time and won the popular vote for president three times.

Jackson distrusted banking and, ironically, paper money, was a slave owner and he passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. He was responsible for the horrific Trail of Tears. However, the Cherokees, who he removed from their lands, also kept slaves and were warlike, even with other Native-Americans.

On January 8, 1815, he defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans and was lauded as a hero which he was.

He fought in the Revolutionary War and was the first president to have been a POW.

Jackson adopted two Native-American boys despite all the claims that he was a racist.

Not a fan of insiders, Jackson was the first president to truly rely on an informal group of advisers called the “Kitchen Cabinet” to set policy instead of his real cabinet. Many of these advisers were friends from Tennessee or newspaper editors.

Jackson isn’t popular but he’s not the devil either.

Margaret Sanger might not appear on the $20 but she’s coming.

The same mentality is guiding this as that guiding the statue tear downs. It is Orwellian and the world we will be left with will be very dark and oppressive.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

To use a common truism, give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. These idiots are determined to obliterate the history of American heroes.

Robert E. Lee did not own a single slave!

Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

The world is on fire and they worry about inconsequential things as they burn!