Stephen Miller Pummels Fake News Jim Acosta, Self-Described Hack Glenn Thrush


President Trump stood with Republican Sens. David Perdue and Tom Cotton to announce the Raise Act, which puts immigration to the U.S. back on the merit system. The plan will also cut immigration in half and the “diversity lottery” program is eliminated.

This policy is supported by two-thirds of Americans but the MSM won’t tell you that.

The policy will favor applicants who speak English and have employable job skills so they can support their families and contribute to our economy.

Leftists are calling it racist but it wasn’t racist when it was our policy in the past.

Trump said it will give “American workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration.” Skills will be favored over race, gender and quotas.

Why are we accepting people who won’t learn English and are in debt or on welfare? We should be attracting the best.

Also today, the President ordered the Justice Department to sue schools that use affirmative action. Affirmative Action is already against the law. After today, it’s no longer okay to be biased against whites in school admissions. Entrants should be qualified.

Stephen Miller vs. hack Glenn Thrush

Stephen Miller took on Glenn Thrush, a hack from the NY Times, Thrush called himself a hack. Miller told him “maybe it’s about time we had compassion for American workers.”

The media claims Miller couldn’t make his point without insulting reporters. The fact is Miller destroyed them and their arguments as they attacked him though that isn’t the way it is being reported.

Look at how angry these reporters are. They couldn’t care less about American workers or the United States. They want open borders and to welcome the dregs of humanity, even if they are terrorists and criminals.

Miller vs.fake news Acosta

Fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta thinks the poem, added to the Statue of Liberty after it was erected, is public policy. He is under the impression immigration is bound by the poem. The huddled masses that entered in the past did learn the language with rare exceptions and they had to support themselves. They weren’t coming for welfare.

Acosta doesn’t really know the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration.

With his usual lack of accuracy, Acosta claimed immigrants had to know English under this policy when the truth is they don’t have to speak English but those who speak English are favored. The CNN fake news purveyor might want to check the Statue of Liberty inscription. It’s written in English, not 30 different languages.

That inscription was a concern to many in the U.S. at the time it was added because some were afraid it would be misinterpreted as Acosta is doing now. The people opposed to it were called “nativists”.

The White House adviser told Acosta that his “cosmopolitan bias” is being exposed to a “shocking degree.” Elitist reporters don’t like the truth.


  1. If nothing else it was good theater. These press briefings show the Washington Press as they really are. Of course they see it differently and the public, who pay attention, are equally averse to their childish behavior.

    I’ve watched a good many of these briefings of late and, without doubt, I find many of the reporters in that room lack the intelligence to be there. Again today it was on clear display, specifically the Acosta segment on the Statue of Liberty. How many times did Miller have to specify this is about “green cards”. I’m by no means any kind of policy wonk but I IMMEDIATELY knew what he was referring to. There have been other times where the reporter simply could not grasp a simple concept.

    In today’s briefing I happened to notice the abject fear by April Ryan on this question and the black community. Shouldn’t she, being the person she is, be in favor of such a policy. YET, she seemed to think this “targeting” blacks is somehow detrimental? I suspect her “fear” is Republicans may gain a foothold in black communities by this policy. This indicates she has little concern over her own people.

    There is one primary reason these Press briefings should be ended forthwith. The vast vast amount of questions are nothing more than attack questions and this serves no one but the reporters themselves. Any other questions not on this topic are solely on process, in one form or another. This information is completely worthless to the public and serves no useful purpose. The ONLY purpose of these briefings are Not to give the public information but ONLY to serve other journalists. The vast majority of news coverage on television is communicating with each other.

    Therefore I suggest the Administration have these Washington reporters sit there as bystanders and any questions taken are from local outlets ONLY. The Washington reporters can then report on what was learned in that briefing. If any reporter speaks out, especially loudly, they would be escorted from the room.

    On a side note about the Statue of Liberty: I had read that it was originally patterned after the Colossus of Rhodes and was slated to be sent to Egypt and they declined. I don’t recall little else of that story.

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