Steve Jobs 1955-2011 The Passing of The I-MAN


IPod, IPhone, IPad, ITunes.

These are so minor the items of the visionary form that framed the life of Steve Jobs. From Pixar Entertainment to the creation of Next Computers and the eventual relaunch of Mac, the ideas and lumination that Mr. Jobs brought to the world will always be a new level of measurement.

The world today and tomorrow will always unknowingly be pushed forward due to many of the ideas that Mr. Jobs brought to the table. The push on technology that he inspired cannot today be measured for the unlimited future stands far ahead in the distant tomorrows.From the bringing of the bulky desktop to handy slide in your pocket sleekness of the IPhone, the visions of inspiration will continue to be added to the tomorrows ahead of us.

One of the largest demonstrated ideas from Mr. Jobs comes in one simple letter, the letter I. One of the earliest moments was when he was basically told you can’t have your own operating system, you have to latch on to the existing format. His answer was through his actions… YES I-CAN.

He used this letter in the prefix of many of his products and on a consistent basis. This “I” to me represented a product that was more powerful than any of his produced products.

At a time when the individual is being derailed and looked down upon for being successful. Here we have a great example
of Individualism and what the visions of just one man can bring to the masses.

We are a people not of a forest but of many individual trees within the forest. Free minds filled with many ideas, ideas that should be allowed to grow and develop, create and build, inventions, technologies and even explore new concepts.

Never should an individual be squashed and held back. Never should an individual be held back by mandates that interfere with the ability of forward thought. Ideas of regression should never be implemented. Barriers that are put in place to support group protection inherently block the individuals ability to strive.

Steve Jobs was an individual of tremendous success. His creations and recreations of  technology is a fine example of America and what America stands for.

The next time someone says America doesn’t make anything ,let Mr. Steve Jobs be an example that the lights are on and shining ever so brightly.

Steve Jobs the Individual Man ( I-Man) 1955-2011



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