Steve King Responds to Slams! If True, the GOP Looks Terrible!

The Republicans voted to strip Rep. Steve King of all his committee assignments over alleged racist comments he made in a phone interview with the NY Times. It doesn’t seem right that a man who has devoted himself to this country for decades can be destroyed over a phone interview with an untrustworthy news outlet.

Rep. King slammed the decision.

“[House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) decision to remove me from committees is a political decision that ignores the truth,” King said in a statement shortly after McCarthy told reporters that the Iowa congressman would not receive any committee assignments in the new Congress.

King was previously a member of the House Judiciary, Agriculture and Small Business committees. He had also served as chairman of a House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice in the last Congress.

He will be censured as a “rabid racist”, possibly tomorrow, according to Rep. Bobby Rush. A lot of the information about censuring is coming from associates.




  1. Keven McCarthy is an establishment jerk in the mold of his no good buddy, Paul Ryan. Is it any wonder why the Republicans lost control of the House when they don’t stand up for their own people? And especially when they threw Steve King under the bus for being a proud American who holds America over and above all other countries.

    • It is no wonder. They had my repub rep running against Trump, so of course my rep lost in a conservative district, I had no intention of voting for another Trump hater.

  2. This should Disqualify McCarthy from ever being a speaker for evermore. It shows what a pathetic excuse for a leader he truly is. When will Republicans finally learn what they are up against. They have no sense of proportion and cower at the first sign of conflict. There’s a good word for them, “girly men”.

    • I agree. If any one should be punished, or asked to resign, it is Romney. He is the traitor. The Republicans lost their KS seat/Kevin Yoder’s district because of RINOism. Might as well have a self avowed liberal in office than a RINO who will stab you in the back.

  3. An excellent example of:
    1 – A biased New York Times reporter pre-disposed to viewing white males as racist bigots and was ecstatic when the words came out the way they did from Mr. King’s mouth, if indeed they did, so he could assemble them into a diatribe worthy of painting not only Mr. King as a white supremacist, but Mr. Trump and his tribe as well. What a coup!

    2- This reeks of the same way the Mainstream Media jumped all over Trump’s remarks when he spoke about the aggressiveness of the liberal mob who confronted the fascist mob in Charlottesville.

    3 – The story is made for those who have no belief in Western Civilization, Liberty as the Fore Fathers sought, limited government as the Founders put forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and finally a moral, virtuous and Godly citizenry.

    4- Now, McConnell and McCarthy fall into the same trap. Not surprising as McConnell, in particular, had only recently come to the table of Trump. It appears McConnell and McCarthy are less than believers in smaller government and even less supportive of Trump’s shenaniggan’s and Trump’s disregard of the Swamp and Mainstream Media.

    This sets the stage for more chicanery in the Mainstream Media. Now, we can only wait to see if Mr. King’s blood will indeed flow on the liberal altar and his body cast into the flame. The news cycle of this and more will probably continue until next weekends Sunday meathead reviews by the talking heads. One would expect even Fox Cable News organization with their moves to the middle, will jump on the ‘let’s have Mr. King’s head on a pike’ parade. Shep Smith will be given the lead and the others will demure to his remarks and go along with them.

    I will vomit when and if George Will or Jonah Goldberg make any obligatory remarks.

  4. Once again the establishment swamp dwelling RINO traitors destroy the people who obey the constitution and serve their electorate rather than the party. Moist of the FOX people will stand with the establishment so they will come on the air and help them make millions as they sit cross legged in short skirts with bleached blond hair excreting their banal nonsense that sounds like it came from their anal openings.

    • My mother who lived during the Depression and the Dust Bowl days would agree about Fox and the women. Why is it necessary to have the camera back far enough to show women whose dresses can barely be pulled down past their rears. Fox “used” to be about news but that is no longer the case. As is most news organizations, they are little more than gossip rags.

  5. This would seem to me that McCarthy did not get the statements that King made!!!
    I think he should be reinstated and McCarthy should issue an apology post haste !!!

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