Steve King Slams Republican Senators “Who Won’t or Can’t Move Trump Agenda”


Steve King cuts through the noise on almost every issue and he did just that when he weighed in on the Judge Roy Moore debacle Thursday. He tweeted that the Senators “who won’t or can’t help move Trump[‘s] agenda” are the ones telling Judge Moore to withdraw.

The Trump agenda, to be clear, is the agenda of the people who voted for him, it’s the agenda the do-nothings ran on but obviously never intended to implement.

Moore was accused by four women of having dated them 1979 when they were teens, one as young as 14, and Moore was 32 through 34.

The cunning do-nothing senators who want to kill Trump’s agenda are the very people who want to push Moore out based on accusations which seem somewhat dubious. The accusers never said a word for nearly forty years, even while Judge Moore was raising Cain over a Ten Commandments monument and a ban on same-sex marriage. Even when he was running for election.

The timing is very coincidental as well. The story came after the 76-day deadline to remove a candidate’s name from the ballot. What a ‘chance’ bit of good fortune for Democrats in a solid red state.

If Moore drops out, it is more than likely the Democrat – a Progressive – Doug Jones will win and the Republicans know that. That will be the end of Trump’s agenda.

The Senate refuses to move Trump’s agenda. The House has sent 384 bills to the Senate and 308 are still sitting dormant.

Steve King’s tweet linked to a story from Breitbart News that listed Republican senators who have fallen out of favor with far-right circles — Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, Arizona’s Jeff Flake, Susan Collins of Maine, and Ohio’s Rob Portman — who condemned the allegations against Moore.

The usual suspects.

McConnell couldn’t wait to come out and suggest Moore withdraw “if these allegations are true”. Sarah Sanders said the same thing. Do they expect Moore to say, ‘oh, right, I’m guilty, I’ll drop out’?

McConnell spent tens of millions of dollars to help Luther Strange beat Moore in the Primary, to no avail.

They didn’t even let the Moore sex story flush out and unless one of the women says she lied, it’s not likely we will know in the run-up. to the election December 12th if the allegations are true.

Since there is nothing they can do to take out Moore, they should consider giving him the benefit of the doubt and support him or at least not sell him out. They withdrew funding from Moore and there are rumors they are already wondering about removal should he win.


Judge Moore has issued aggressive denials that he molested the then-14-year old or dated teens forty years ago.

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