Stevie Wonder says “Joe Biden will do it. Give us reparations”


Black entertainer Stevie Wonder performed at Joe Biden’s rally in Detroit to open for him. He made it clear why he’s supporting him. He wants reparations and knows Joe will give them.

“Joe Biden will do it. Give us reparations, for the work that we’ve all done for the last four hundred years, unpaid.”

Another irrational statement that will make white people the guilty parties even though not one alive person alive today made blacks into slaves for four hundred years.

Wonder mocked President Donald Trump for his decision to designate Juneteenth as a national holiday. If that’s how he feels, then let’s not make it a holiday.

The 70-year-old musician, who has an estimated net worth of $110 million, said Biden would do something much better for Black Lives Matter than make Juneteenth a holiday.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what you can do much better than that, and Joe Biden will do it: give us reparations,” Wonder declared, to shrieks of applause and a salute of dozens of car horns, as the musicians onstage with them slammed on the drum set and bass guitar.

Wonder said the reparations would be for the “work that we’ve all done over the past four hundred years, unpaid.” The singer did not specify what work he was referring to.

How about the Trump Platinum Plan that will pour a half trillion into the black communities for entrepreneurs and others with ideas to improve the community? How about that instead of an undeserved handout.

My ancestors fought a Civil War for blacks, we have poured money into welfare and college programs, even giving black students the edge. A plan like President Trump’s for those who want to improve black communities is a better way to go.

Reparations will build division and resentment.


A Duke University economist William Darity Jr. has put a $12 trillion price tag on what he believes to be just reparations for slavery. The economist proposes the hefty sum be disbursed to the descendants of those affected by American slavery. That is half the U.S. national debt.

Others say whites owe blacks more.

I don’t owe them anything, do you? I have never hurt or impeded a black person in my life, only helped as an educator.

Where do they think this money will come from?



  1. Millionaire, Little Stevie Wonder sure is greedy. Why doesn’t he donate some of his millions that he stole from Whitey who bought his crummy music? They got cheated.
    And, where do they think the money will come from? Remember when the rumor of cash to Blacks circulated in Detroit after Obama took office? A Black woman was asked that question, where will this money come from? Her answer was, “I don’t know. Obama’s stash.” Maybe this $12T will come from Biden’s stash. He certainly cashed in on China using his position as VP.

  2. “There are those of us who make a bitter pretence of loving life whilst suffering the deepest torment and anguish at sharing any moment with the sentimental herd. Sauntering stupefaction is our lot. A shadowless existence illuminated by the altruistic horrors of charity and compassion.
    We are homely, and disfigured by the sheer intensity of our hideous impulses.
    Our greatest achievements are validated by their degree of monstrosity. We are as deformed as the compassionate wrath of our wild “God” and are marred only by the curdling curse of remaining human despite our most cruel efforts.
    There can be no kindness in our emotions, no hesitation in our violence. No joy in the blessing and wonders of nature. We are foul, loathsome, offensive, repugnant and harsh.
    We are the ugliness, the disconnected. We are the awkward, the disgraceful. We are the ugliness, the disenchanted.”

    Father Malachi, 1976

  3. Wonder is about to find out what Go woke Go broke is all about.

    If your going to give money to slaves then your going to have to pay the slave owners ancestors for the taking of legal property that is required under the constitution. Slave owners never received Reparations and are the only ones legally due and money.

    But the ancestors of slaves are also the ancestors of the slave owners. So if you don’t want ancestors of slave owners getting money then you will have to prove you have no white DNA. Which is impossible all American blacks are related to slave owners.

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