Stockholm Terrorist “Deliberately Ploughed Into Kids and Shoppers”


The terrorist who mowed down innocent people in a shopping mall in Stockholm was known to cops and is said to have “deliberately ploughed [Americans use “plowed”] into kids and shoppers” in a hijacked bomb-laden beer truck, the Sun reported.

They won’t release the monster’s name – they still protect him.

The Swedish authorities wouldn’t release his name or his motive though that is obvious. They did say he is a 39-year-old Uzbekistan-born man.

He killed four people and left 15 people, including two children, injured.

Local media reported that a homemade bomb had been found in the back of the 30-ton truck with the head of Sweden’s National Police Dan Eliason confirming a “bomb or incendiary object” had been discovered. It had been hijacked when the original driver was unloading it at a restaurant.

The terrorist capped off his ride by crashing into a high-end department store.

Sweden’s domestic intelligence agency Anders Thornberg revealed authorities had previously been aware of the man, saying: “The suspect didn’t appear in our recent files but he earlier has been in our files.”

Floral tributes have been placed at the site, with Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria breaking down in tears as she visited the bloodied streets.

They’re tone deaf. You don’t stop terrorism with love.

In February, a Swedish Muslim immigrant said that about 20% or 30% supported ISIS.

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