Stoneman Kids Arrested for Knife Violence, Deputy Sleeps on the Job


James Soviero contributed to this article

What does it take to get fired at Stoneman Douglas High? Apparently, nothing.

While the left-wing students march on D.C. for irrelevant gun control laws, the real reasons for violence at Stoneman Douglas continue without being rectified. Two students were just arrested for knife violence and another was taken into custody for threats. And, even after 17 people lost their lives, a resource officer was found sleeping in his patrol car.

Are you kidding me???

The deputy was suspended. He needs to be fired. His boss, Sheriff Israel, needs to be fired.


Two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students were arrested for menacing while flashing knives. Another student made online threats. .

One student at the school pulled a blade out of her bra after a boy made a sexually insulting comment. Another student flashed a nine-inch knife for some reason. Another posted photos of himself with a gun in his pants waistband on Snapchat, along with pictures of bullets, the sheriff’s office said in a news release. Both photos included threatening messages and called out someone named “Josh,” according to officials.


Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Moises Carotti was spotted sleeping in his car on Tuesday while he was supposed to be patrolling the perimeter of the school’s 1200 building. That was the location of the deadly school shooting.

A student reportedly saw the sleeping deputy around 5 p.m. and reported him to a sheriff’s office sergeant, who knocked on the car window to wake him up, WSVN reported.

Carotti reportedly was suspended with pay pending an internal investigation.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio called Carotti’s alleged actions “so outrageous it’s almost impossible to believe.”

“Of all the schools in America, you would think this would be the safest one right now,” Rubio said in a statement.

You would think that, wouldn’t you???

Why don’t they fire people? Are they going to march on DC against knife violence? Just asking.



  1. Let’s see if the citizens of Broward County re-elect Sherrif Israel… my guess is that they will do so, which illustrates the real source of the problems in that community… liberalism at its finest. It’s easy for the community to point at guns for their problems, rather than point at themselves.

  2. This so-called “sheriff’s office” is run by a corrupt, dishonest, politically connected, politically correct HACK who is in the pocket of the Left and who never met a camera he didn’t like posing for.

    His employees consist of “deputies” more concerned with Muslim outreach, running AWAY from danger like cowards… and apparently, getting their beauty sleep.

    I wouldn’t trust this pack of losers to protect a chicken coop.

  3. Wonder if those kids arrested with knives will have their record whitewashed….so they can buy a gun somewhere down the road. Remember Nikolas Cruz?

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