Stoneman Student Victim Kyle Kashuv Destroys Media Hound Hogg


Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv was in the Freshman building when crazed shooter Nikolas Cruz began his murderous rampage. He is a victim who has turned it into a campaign for school safety but is being ignored by the media.

Mr. Kashuv is actually developing an app to reach out to troubled students.

Kyle’s message is simple. First, secure the schools, second, talk gun control. He wants to see the schools hardened before any long, protracted gun control debates take over and nothing gets done.

Kashuv says that a more measured response is being drowned out by the voices of activist groups. He argues that “gun control should be a broader discussion that we need to have after we can secure our schools.”

In an appearance on The Story with Martha MacCallum, she aired a clip from a broadcast of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and asked Kyle about it. He didn’t hold back.

During the show, student David Hogg bragged about hanging up the phone on the President. His cohort used the ‘F-bomb’ on live TV and it made a hit with the audience although he came off as a very disrespectful 17-year old.

Watch this brief clip:

Reasonable student Kyle Kashuv responds

“You know, I’m really trying to control my anger at what he said,” Kashuv told MacCallum.

He continued by accusing Hogg of being “so hypocritical”.

“Because, you know, the president calls you and then shows he wants to make a change, and you’re talking about bipartisan change and the one man who controls, who leads our nation … comes to you and is like, ‘Look, let’s do something. Let’s make it happen.’

“Right now I see a lot of positive legislation is being passed,” he added. “We see that mental health restrictions are getting in place and deeper background checks. And I really think it represents how non-divided our country is and how decisive we can be.”

Kyle is reaching out

Kyle Kashuv is actually doing something and not trying to hog the cameras. He is developing an app to reach out to troubled students who have no one to turn to.

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