Stop The Democrats, Save The Republic


“This is a chance to begin to save this country.” Mitch McConnell told a cheering crowd in Kentucky last evening.

He’s not being hyperbolic.

McConnell has promised to move quickly to push GOP priorities such as the Keystone XL pipeline and changes to Obamacare.

“The main goal is to see whether we can make progress for the country,” McConnell says. “But obviously, the president is the only person who can sign something into law. So whether we can make much progress the next few years depends on him.”

Republicans must act and stop Barack Obama’s agenda if they win.

If Republicans can’t win with the incompetence we see in this administration, then one has to wonder if they can ever win.

At the beginning of his second term, Mr. Obama said he had a mandate “to help middle-class families and families that are working hard to try to get into the middle class.”

He has seriously hurt the middle class. The middle class income today is going down dramatically and more than 92 million Americans are out of the workforce to say nothing of the numbers who now have to work two part-time jobs because they can’t find full-time work.

The Washington Post wrote a scathing piece yesterday about his lack of leadership skills.

They didn’t mince words.

“Obama’s journey from triumphant, validated Democratic hero to a political millstone weighing on his party’s chances is a tale of a second-term president quickly and repeatedly sidetracked by a series of crises — some self-inflicted — and the widely held perception that the White House has not managed them well,” the article read.

“This is an administration that is very good at articulating some of its plans and responses and has delivered good speeches, but translating that into action has been a problem for the past six years,” said David Rothkopf, the author of “National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear.” “Right now, the vast preponderance of evidence is that management is not one of the strong suits of this administration.”

You can read more here.

I’m not really sure why the Washington Post published the piece given their left-leaning perspective but I would venture to guess that things are that bad.

We need to stop the Obama Democrats. It’s not only a matter of poor leadership. We have a president who has no regard for the law of the land – the Constitution. He has exposed us to Ebola and a dangerous enterovirus; terrorists and criminals are coming across the border without letup; and he lies constantly.

He is also so far left that communists, socialists and anarchists like those we see at Occupy Wall Street are fighting to get his lapdogs back into office.

He has made the Democratic Party into the party of felons, MS-13, terrorists, foreign entities like Iran. We need to stop him and we don’t have the luxury of saying the Republicans aren’t good enough.

Get out and vote these people out!

I’m hoping Democrats will realize their party has been taken over by an incompetent bunch who are destroying their party and the country.

This could be our last chance to save the Republic.