“Stop…you’re killing me!” Officer Murphy Shouted


Orlando Police Officer Sean Murphy caught a near-fatal encounter with Zavier Askew on his bodycam on May 9. The suspect tried to flee with Officer Murphy half dangling out of his car, going at speeds up to 60 mph.

It began when the officer pulled the 25-year-old over for driving with expired tags, ABC News reported. The officer saw weed in the car and asked him how much he had. Askew denied he had any.

Officer Murphy instructed the suspect to step out of the vehicle, then began searching it, WFOR reported.

After the search, at some point, Askew ran to his car, with the officer hot on his heels. Askew drove off with Murphy half in the car.

When Askew stomped on the accelerator, the officer’s lower body was still hanging outside the driver’s side window of the suspect’s car.

“Stop! Stop or I’m going to shoot you!” the officer ordered frantically.

He repeatedly begged Askew to stop the car, but the suspect refused.

“Dude, you’re killing me!” Officer Murphy yelled as Askew accelerated to speeds of 60 miles per hour. “Stop! This is attempted murder!”

“Officer, please! Stop!” Askew said repeatedly.

“I can’t! You have to stop the car so I can get out!” Officer Murphy told him. “Stop the car so I can get out!

The officer shouted they were on a dead-end street and were going to crash. Askew did crash into a parked car.

“I’m bleeding I think,” Officer Murphy said in the video. “Holy f–k dude – you almost killed me.”

Askew has been charged with kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, ABC News reported.

Murphy was not seriously injured.

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