Stormy Attorney Came Into Millions When He Picked Up Her Case


Stormy’s lawyer came into nearly $8 million when he picked up his client, according to information provided by attorney Robert Barnes. Not only that, Michael Avenatti is also under scrutiny for what one lawyer calls an illegal “pump and dump scheme” that cheated the government and investors out of a fortune.

Avenatti is famously trying to take down the President and he is not quiet about it, having made hundreds of appearances on MSM. He boasts of his contacts with the Special Counsel and has even leaked information tied to the DoJ/FBI that might get him into legal hot water.


Before Stormy, her lawyer Michael Avenatti had a record of lying to courts, making fraudulent transfers, and possibly criminal evasion, according to Bellevue attorney David Nold.

He also appeared to be bankrupt.

In a complaint submitted to the California Bar, Nold says Avenatti fleeced nearly $6 million in federal and state tax withholdings. Nold also says, Avenatti fraudulently transferred $100,000 from the Tully’s operation last year to retain lawyers for his California law firm’s unrelated bankruptcy.

Nold has relentlessly pursued Avenatti to recoup his client’s losses. “We would garnish Key Bank, then he would move the money to a different bank, then to another,” Nold said. “But it didn’t matter, we were finding it. He finally got tired, and just paid us.”

Avenatti had a record of dubious business dealings over  a business he owned, Tully’s Coffee. His investment firm bought bankrupt Tully’s Coffee for $9.15 million. He divested from it, Avenatti says, just before it went to auction. Currently, there are more than 50 state and federal legal complaints, including commercial lawsuits, breach of lease actions and warrants for unpaid taxes, court records show.

In the complaint — cc’d to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle — Bellevue attorney David Nold asserts Avenatti carried out an illegal “pump and dump” scheme through his Washington state-registered Tully’s ownership firm, Global Baristas US, LLC.


Mr. Barnes tweeted Avenatti was able In January 2018 to:  got an unidentified source of income that allowed him to pay $4.85M to his law firm employees he defrauded, close to $2M in back taxes for payroll taxes on his law firm, and near another $1M to other creditors. Same time as: new client. [Stormy Daniels who is trying to take down the President]


Besides coffee and high-profile celebrity cases, like one against Jim Carrey which he lost, he has tried his hand at car racing. It makes him look more successful than he actually is. He loses much of the time and in a big way.

He didn’t make it with Eagan O’Malley & Avenatti, LLP, which eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2017. Two lawyers associated with the firm cut off business delings with the shady Avenatti who practices solo. Right now, he is a porn star lawyer trying to take down the President, hoping for a TV gig one day according to the rumor mill.

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