Stormy Responds to Judge Throwing Out Her Suit Against Trump


Judge James S. Otero threw out Stormy Daniels hush money lawsuit against Donald Trump. It sought to tear up the non-disclosure agreement. The judge said the lawsuit was irrelevant since the President and his attorney decided not to penalize Daniels for violating the non-disclosure agreement.

Stormy responded and said she won, and the NDA is tossed. That leaves her free to talk some more, although it is hard to imagine there is anything left unsaid.

The statement is not very honest. The President and his attorney very quickly said they wouldn’t sue her. Additionally, the judge didn’t throw out the NDA, he dismissed the suit.

Daniels FOUGHT dismissal of the lawsuit in LA because she wanted to record the sworn testimony.

Her attorney Michael Avenatti also framed it as a win.

Avenatti wants legal fees so Otero sent the case back to Los Angeles Superior Court, where it was initially filed, to make that determination. He said Daniels may be entitled to legal fees.

Stormy took $130,000 from Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen to keep her mouth shut. She then blabbed to hurt the President.

Trump denied the 2006 affair.

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