Stormy’s Lawyer Accuses Innocent Michael Cohen in His Fake Russia Story


Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is trying to make a case against President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Unfortunately, he’s accusing a company not owned by Russians of being Russian donors. He’s also falsely accusing a Michael Cohen who is in Africa, and another Michael Cohen who was working for an actuarial firm in Tanzania.

Over the last two day, he accused THE Michael Cohen of taking $500,000 from a Russian oligarch 75 days after the Stormy “hush” money was paid out. Avenatti says there could be a connection between the payments. He had no verification or reason for saying this other than intel he claimed to have — illicitly.

The oligarch in question, Viktor Vekselberg, denies it and the company officials say they are owned and run by Americans, not Russians.

The Russian oligarch does have ties to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

The Washington Examiner reported in September 2016 on ties between Vekselberg and the Clintons, a relationship that “continued throughout Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.” This information came via emails obtained through FOIA lawsuits by Citizens’ United. The donations blurred the lines between charity and government favors.

Secondly, two of the records Avenatti used to make his case included two Michael Cohens with no relationship to THE Michael Cohen. Haaretz reported one of the errors. The Daily Caller reported the other.


One mistake involved a transfer of $980 from a bank account in Kenya. It belongs to Netanel Cohen and Stav Hayun, Haaretz reports. Netanel Cohen doesn’t know President Trump or his attorney Michael Cohen but he does have a brother named Michael.

That Michael Cohen is in Africa.

“It’s bizarre,” brother Michael Cohen told Haaretz. “It sounds ridiculous to me. How did they know about the financial transfer?”

In another case, Zainal Kassim, who represents Actuarial Partners, told The Daily Caller that Avenatti also got another case wrong. A $4,250 wire transfer from Actuarial Partners, based in Malaysia, to a bank in Toronto, should not have been part of Avenatti’s report, said the Michael Cohen associated with that firm.

“You are surely aware of the fact that this is an extremely common name and would request that you take care before involving innocent parries in this sordid affair,” wrote Cohen, who told Avenatti he is an international consultant who was paid by Actuarial Partners for work on a project in Tanzania.

It’s getting easier to see how Avenatti’s business went bankrupt and why he’s buried in lawsuits.


  1. they will use anything to try to “get'” Trump The really big problem is ….. HE IS HONEST HARD WORKING PERSONABLE DECENT MORALLY STRAIGHT. Like most of us not a saint or perfect but then who is either. Most Christians are “saints” but only because Christ blood was shed to remove our shame of sins. Go Trump Go

  2. This dead beat shyster needs to be outed for what he really is about. The man’s corrupt.

  3. Hey Crap News Network (CNN) next time you have this pinhead bozo on, ask him about this……….

    As it turns out, Avenatti owes $5 million in back taxes!
    Not only that, but Michael Avenatti has come under fire for shady business dealings relating to a failing coffee chain his company purchased. After his investment firm bought Tully’s Coffee for $9.15 million, he has been named in over 50 state and federal complaints for a number of violations, including breach of lease actions and warrants for unpaid taxes.

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