Stormy’s Lawyer Gets His Money from Secret Crowdfunding Donors


Pollster and former Clinton advisor Mark Penn wants to know where Stormy’s lawyer gets that funds that allow him to run around media outlets attacking the President and his associates. He wrote about it at the hill.

It is suspicious because there is an army of billionaire leftists trying to bring down the President. That we know for a fact. George Soros and David Brock are among the leaders.

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti on Thursday afternoon issued a statement in response to the op-ed.

“Once again (for at least the 20th time)–ALL fees and expenses of this case have either been funded by our client, Ms. Stephanie Clifford, or by donations from our page,” Avenatti wrote in a statement he linked to a tweet through Dropbox.

Yes, we know that, but who is contributing to the dropbox? That is what Mark Penn is asking. It is not transparent to hide funding sources behind a crowdfunding source.

He further stated:

“Further, no political party or PAC is funding this effort. No left wing conspiracy group is behind this. And no big fat cat political donors are leading the charge,” Avenatti added. “Get over it.”

He later told The Daily Caller that any claim he was being funded by the left or other political interests was “utter bullshit, and you can quote me on that.”

Who Is Michael Avenatti?
Business Insider did an interesting piece on him. A couple issues were especially interesting.

“During college and law school, Avenatti worked for The Research Group, a campaign research firm founded by Rahm Emanuel, former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff and the current Democratic mayor of Chicago,” the Insider wrote. And, during that time, Avenatti has said he worked on 150-200 campaigns. Avenatti says he left a real skeptic, and hasn’t done a thing in politics in 20 years.

The aggressive attorney went to presitigious schools and he has made a great deal of money. He also lost a great deal.

Avenatti has been a thorn in Trump’s side for years, Business Insider wrote. “While working at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, a law firm in California, Avenatti helped sue Trump for allegedly stealing the idea of his hit reality TV show on NBC, “The Apprentice.” That case ended in a settlement.

The porn star lawyer bought Tully’s Coffee but it mysteriously closed last year and is the subject of numerous lawsuits.

In 2013, he spent $9 million buying coffee chain Tully’s with actor Patrick Dempsey. In March, all locations of the Seattle-based cult favorite suddenly closed. Tully’s parent company has faced more than 45 lawsuits in recent years. It also owed the IRS $5 million in unpaid federal taxes in 2017. Avenatti says that he sold his stake, and now serves as an outside attorney.

Where Did Avenatti Get Normally Secret Reports?

“In a report titled “Project Sunlight” released May 8, Avenatti alleges that Cohen received $500,000 from a Russian oligarch shortly after the 2016 election, and claims that money may have served as a reimbursement for the payment to Daniels”.

How he obtained that bombshell and usually secret information on Cohen’s business dealings is on everyone’s mind. He got it shortly after it was all confiscated by the Feds in a raid.

The information appears to have come from a confidential “Suspicious Activity Report”. The contributions by companies to Michael Cohen for consultant work and understanding of the new administration he reported are accurate although the Russians deny the accusation about the Russian oligarch.

The company allegedly owned by Viktor Vekselberg that gave $500,000 to Cohen says they are owned and run by Americans.

The special counsel has been aware of this information since last year.  Cohen could be in big trouble. At least one of the companies is Swiss-owned and he might not have filed a FARA.

The Treasury Department has opened an internal investigation into whether anyone leaked the information to Avenatti.

Those reports can be filed by banks, casinos, and other entities, and their purpose is to detect illegal behaviors. As The Washington Post reported Wednesday, officials often scan and aggregate those reports so they can later be accessed, and they can be requested by law-enforcement officials, bank regulators, and intelligence agencies.

Maybe the Feds leaked it. We may never know.

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