Stormy’s Lawyer Says the Word You Knew Was Coming — ‘Settlement’


Pornstar Stormy Daniels is the new Democrat heroine who is “bravely” taking on the President of the United States. She said it matters that the President lied. It matters he had his goons threaten her and her baby. It matters but only to a point, and that point is the settlement.

She has at times denied an affair with the President and now says it was a one-night stand [while calling it an affair].

“It should matter to every American because it’s all about the cover-up,” her lawyer Michael Avenatti said. “It’s about the lies and deceit.”

How honorable, how brave, except she does have a price after all. Avenatti said on CBS This Morning he would consider a settlement. Yes, the big “S” came up.

“If they came to you with a settlement in this case, would you accept it?” CBS This Morning‘s Anthony Mason asked attorney Michael Avenatti. “I think we would consider it; I would converse with my client. It would depend on the terms of a settlement,” Avenatti responded. “But at this point, I don’t see how the case gets resolved short of the truth coming out.”


  1. “It would depend on the terms of a settlement,” dog whistle for “It would depend on the $$$$” and like labor unions, every four years, the hussy would return for more. That being said, I bet Anderson Cooper watches this interview before bedtime every night. While he makes Stormy look like an even bigger whore, if at all possible, it appears at times that Gloria Vanderbilt’s boy is getting a thrill up his leg.

    Rant over. I need a shower. Ugh!

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