Strange Circumstances Surround Illegal Middle Easterners Caught in Arizona



For five years the Sentinel has been railing against our open borders, including our abysmal visa program which allows people to jump visas without being tracked. We are not afraid of landscapists and maids, but we are afraid of drug cartels and jihadists. Unfortunately the administration isn’t despite the fact that Middle Easterners are sneaking across the border. Another group of illegal alien Middle Easterners were found in Arizona, two had metal cylinders and most unusual is the fact that two were not put into the Border Patrol reporting system.

Judicial Watch reported that vie Middle Eastern young men were caught neat the border carrying metal cylinders and backpacks in an Arizona town situated about 30 miles from the Mexican border, law enforcement and other sources told Judicial Watch.

DHS was called and only three of the men’s names were entered in the Border Patrol’s E3 reporting system, which is used by the agency to track apprehensions, detention hearings and removals of illegal immigrants. E3 also collects and transmits biographic and biometric data including fingerprints for identification and verification of individuals encountered at the border.

The other two men were listed as “unknown subjects,” which is unheard of, according to a JW federal law enforcement source. “In all my years I’ve never seen that before,” a veteran federal law enforcement agent told JW.


This comes days after six men—one from Afghanistan, five from Pakistan—were arrested in nearby Patagonia, a quaint ranch town that sits 20 miles north of the Mexican border city of Nogales. They were coming across with drug cartel smugglers.

At a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing in September 2014, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, questioned Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about a report that four men with known ties to Middle East terrorist groups were apprehended on Sept. 10, as they tried to cross the Texas border.

“I’ve heard reports to that effect, but I don’t know the accuracy of the reports or how much credence to give them,” Johnson said nonchalantly, while scratching his nose and completely oblivious to the fact that he is supposed to know and follow up on these “rumors”.

Check out the telegraph report from 2004:

President Bush has launched a drive to halt illegal immigration across America’s porous southern border, amid growing fears that terrorists may be using Mexico as a base camp before heading to Arizona, Texas and California.

A string of alarming incidents has convinced Bush administration officials that lax immigration rules, designed to cope with the huge numbers of illegal entrants from Mexico, have become a significant loophole in the war on terror.

Over the past month, border agents from Arizona and Texas have anonymously reported recent encounters with dozens of Arab men, who have made their way across the 2,000-mile Mexican border.

Patrol agents told one Arizona newspaper that 77 males “of Middle Eastern descent” were apprehended in June in two separate incidents. All were trekking through the Chiricahua mountains and are believed to have been part of a larger group of illegal immigrants. Many were released pending immigration hearings. According to Solomon Ortiz, the Congressman for Corpus Christi in Texas, similar incidents are “happening all over the place. It’s very, very scary”.

The two groups of Arab males were discovered by patrol guards from Willcox, Arizona. “These guys didn’t speak Spanish,” said one field agent, “and they were speaking to each other in Arabic. It’s ridiculous that we don’t take this more seriously. We’re told not to say a thing to the media.” A colleague told the paper: “All the men had brand-new clothing and the exact same cut of moustache.” Local ranchers have also reported a rise in the sightings of large groups of young males.

Last month, border patrol agents at McAllen airport, Texas, arrested a woman believed to be Pakistani, who was carrying a false South African passport…

The Border Patrol has been spotting them for years. Not only have these terrorist groups promised to launch violent attacks, they’ve promised to infiltrate our political systems and destroy us from within.

Jihadists are active in Mexico, Central America and South America and are heavily involved in the drug trade. Illegal alien Muslims should concern all Americans.

Listen below to a routine audio of Border Patrol spotting Muslims coming across the border illegally.

Border Patrol Agents had been tracking this group of illegal aliens for hours.

The group being pursued is comprised of two coyote guides and six illegal aliens – who just happen to be Muslims. This fact becomes apparent at the 00:43 mark when the Omaha 25 pilot states: “Be advised ah, a replay of the tape shows ah, about sun up there was some kneeling going on.” The clip goes silent.

These UAV pilots have spent thousands of hours flying armed UAVs over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen. Muslim prayer time occurs five times each day, and they have seen countless numbers of muslims kneeling on their prayer rugs.

The final disposition of this group is unknown.

You have likely heard about this, but the fact is being denied by media outlets like yahoo news and HuffPo.


We know The Muslim Brotherhood has a ten-year plan to take over the United States and the world. The Brotherhood is a terrorist organization with which Obama is sympathetic.

In 2001, an Islamic manifesto called The Project was discovered in Switzerland. This document is a plan to carry out a quiet coup within the United States through indoctrination, subversion and infiltration at all levels of our government and through key positions in education and other influential positions such as the media.

Fast forward to 2008 and the Holyland Foundation Trial. This showcased the largest terror financing trial in US history.

There are 80 boxes of evidence, including The Project, that have been made available by our government to the accused enemies of America, but which, to this day, are being withheld from our leaders and the American people. Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano cited national security, but have given the terrorists a free pass to review the documents.

Also being kept even from intelligence sources are the mounds of documents discovered when Osama bin Laden was killed.

The government had classified all the documents relating to the raid, including the record of the C.I.A.’s search for bin Laden. Both Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Rob O’Neill, the man who killed Osama, among others, have called for the release of the documents.

They are said to illustrate collusion between the government of Iran and al-Qaeda, including Iran’s assistance with attacks on Americans.

Six highly-placed insiders discussed these documents with the Standard. Several of them said the evidence was so explosive that it could derail the nuclear deal with Iran, according to a Weekly Standard account.

Hayes and Kristol write:

The Obama administration does not want the bin Laden documents released. To date, the Administration has made public fewer than 150 documents out of more than a million, despite a statutory requirement to expedite the release of the collection. Remarkably, members of Congress, including those on the intelligence committees, do not have access to the documents. Republicans in Congress share the blame for this. With the admirable exception of Representative Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Republicans have shown little interest in the documents and what they tell us about al Qaeda and, in this case, Iran. That’s inexcusable, but it’s not too late.

The paltry handful of bin Laden documents that have been made available already provided damning confirmation of long-suspected and ongoing cooperation between Iran and al-Qaeda.

They would show how dangerous Obama’s pursuit of the Iran deal actually is. As it turns out, we don’t even have a deal but they are getting the $150 billion anyway with which to engage in terror.

Did you ever think that the reason Obama ignores or deflects all cases of terrorism is because he is one of them – look at his background.



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