Strange Story of Why VP Pence’s NH Trip Was Abruptly Canceled


Vice President Pence’s trip was abruptly canceled to avoid a planned meeting with an accused drug dealer. The alleged dealer is tied to 1500 grams of fentanyl which could have killed 750,000 people.

Was this a setup?

The Vice President was slated to meet former Giants player and New Hampshire resident Jeff Hatch who bought 1500 grams of fentanyl. His story is sad. He went from Ivy League grad, drafted by the Giants in 2002, to an addict hooked on painkillers to a drug dealer.

The case was discovered as the Vice President was on the tarmac or in the air, depending on which account you read. The trip was canceled.

The now-thirty-nine-year-old Hatch pleaded guilty last Friday and faces four years in prison. He has agreed to help authorities in other cases.

Hatch worked for a southern New Hampshire opioid addiction treatment center which Pence would have visited.

Former addict, Eric Spofford, CEO of Granite Recovery Centers, the opioid addiction treatment center that Pence was supposed to visit, released this statement:

I am shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken.

Neither me nor anyone at Granite Recovery Centers was aware of Jeff’s actions. It was, unfortunately, a well-kept secret. I was made aware of this situation today at approximately 11 am. I don’t condone what he did and I’m incredibly upset. He was terminated immediately.

Granite Recovery Centers has over 200 of the most dedicated passionate people that go above and beyond to fight in the mission against addiction every single day. The actions of 1 do not discredit the amazing work they all do. 

Addiction is insidious. This illness affects people from all walks of life. From the inner city poor to CEO’s, lawyers, and doctors. This situation highlights why those of us on the front lines need to remain vigilant and must battle every day against addiction and the opioid epidemic. – Eric Spofford, CEO, Granite Recovery Centers

This is one example of how widespread and devastating our drug problem is — close the borders!

This is the story Hatch planned to share:

It is unfortunate that he destroyed his life but he was ready to give this poison to many, many people, knowing what it can do.

A photo of Mike Pence shaking hands with a drug dealer would make all the major newspapers with lots of nasty comments. One might wonder if this was a setup. There are people in the White House and in the DOJ who would set up the Vice President for political expediency. We don’t know that’s the case. We just wonder and the administration best prepare for these kinds of tactics even if this wasn’t one of them.

h/t Derek Maltz

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