Stripped of beauty queen title for hijab & black-on-black gun stats tweets


Kathy Zhu, a legal immigrant from China and a naturalized American citizen, was stripped of her title as Miss Michigan in the Miss Teen World America contest for not tying a hijab on and tweeting about it. She was also “insensitive” for tweeting the statistics on black-on-black gun violence, saying blacks kill more blacks than police.

The model/actress supports Donald Trump and was told her tweets are ‘racist.’

Zhu, 20, a University of Michigan student who has more than 70,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter where she goes by the handle “PoliticalKathy.” She is a prominent online conservative and is the vice-chair of her campus Republican student group, reports.

In 2018 she sparked controversy after posting about a “Try a Hijab” event at the University of Central Florida, and later that year announced she was transferring to Michigan.

She wouldn’t try a hijab on in 2018 and she posted tweets of stats about black on black gun violence.

The harmless tweet she posted about the hijab is taken down but one of the women in the photo, a fascist, was unhappy she was in the photo Kathy took. She told her Twitter followers to get Kathy expelled. Obviously, Kathy Zhu did nothing wrong.

She was told by the Director of the pageant that she was not of good character and would likely bring disrepute to the contest. She was ordered to not mention the MWA contest and remove all photos of herself wearing the crown.

If they didn’t want any negative attention, that was an epic fail!



  1. This young woman has a bright future. Do not back down from leftist hate. She may have a reason for a lawsuit. Fight back against this tyranny.

  2. If you look at a woman you are sexist, a rapist etc etc, according to them. Yet it’s ok to parade them around like cattle for these beauty pageants and naming them the purtiest in the trailer park. Isn’t that sexist too? or does that not count because we gave them a crown and attention?

  3. Next year this beautiful and obviously talented in lady will own this Miss Teen Pageant.I suggest she immediately contact the lawyers representing the Covington boys and ask them to file a defamation lawsuit.I think her case is spot on and worth at least 50 million,maybe a lot more. The Only way to put these vile LibTards out of business is to make them responsible for the harm they deliberately cause.

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