Strzok & Comey Doubted Russia Was Trying to Get Trump Elected


Remember how President Trump was hounded for expressing doubts about the accuracy of the CIA findings that the Kremlin interfered in the election to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton? Well, Trump was right again. Peter Strzok and James Comey felt the same way. Strzok and Comey weren’t as clear in their public statements.

In newly obtained emails, bureau officials noted there was not enough intelligence to support the January 2017 findings by the CIA that the Kremlin interfered in the presidential election with the specific intent of electing President Trump over Hillary Clinton, reported Sara A. Carter.

Strzok sent an email to the FBI press office stating, “We did not have information to differentiate what their ultimate goal was.” He noted that Comey gave the Senate Intelligence Committee the same answer.

“In other words, the activity is one-sided and clear but we can’t say the sole and primary purpose was specifically intended to help someone, hurt someone else or undermine the process. The reality is all three,” he said in the email.

The extent of their disagreement over the report was not known until now.


Although Strzok didn’t believe there was enough evidence to prove Russia wanted Trump in office, he was intent on proving the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Both he and Comey tried to make the unverified dossier part of the Intelligence Community Assessment.

Strzok’s texts and emails from December 2016 through January 2017 also suggest the FBI was deeply concerned about information being shared with other intelligence agencies, as well as with White House officials.

Strzok sent yet another text suggesting he was secretly manipulating a plot against the President: “I hope this upcoming presidency doesn’t fill my years with regret wondering what we might have done differently.”

The agents also didn’t want to share too much information with the President.

They are like vicious Keystone Kops.

Read details at Sara A. Carter.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

All a sham operation run covertly within the agencies.

5 years ago

THREE YEARS !!….not one shred of evidence against the POTUS to prove ANY wrongdoing. We know this is true if for no other reason than Mueller is reaching for ANYTHING to show the public that would make the POTUS look guilty so he can give the slightest bit of credibility to his job.

Sure, the dimocrats claim the indictments of Russian agents, that will NEVER be turned over to U.S. officials, is justification to continue the witch hunt. And, of course, indictments and convictions of others that once worked with the Trump campaign, DESPITE no connections to the POTUS or relative evidence, are all they (dimocrats) need to keep stirring their cauldrons.

So, with all of the HARD evidence against hillary and obama for MAJOR crimes, …why are they being allowed to roam the world criticizing this country, the POTUS,….AND the majority of the people in this country?

With all of the HARD evidence against the highest level personnel in the FBI and Justice Dept., why does Mueller still have a job and not under indictment?

These answers will never come before Sessions is fired from his position. Hopefully, his replacement will not be any high profile politician,…. again.