Strzok, Page, McCabe Set Up An Unauthorized Network to Control the Probes


According to the Inspector General’s report, Peter Strzok used his lover Lisa Page to communicate with Andrew McCabe about the investigations. This allowed them to avoid going through the chain of command. It gave them far more control over the probes and they were far less accountable. It upset some people at the FBI.

The purpose of the chain of command is to prevent bias and rogue agents.

In one section of the Inspector General’s report, it talks about the role Page played between the team investigating Clinton [the Midyear Team] and McCabe. Information was not filtered through other FBI officials, Breitbart News reported.

From the report:

Lisa Page, who was Special Counsel to McCabe, became involved in the Midyear investigation after McCabe became the Deputy Director in February 2016. Page told the OIG that part of her function was to serve as a liaison between the Midyear team and McCabe. Page acknowledged that her role upset senior FBI officials, but told the OIG that McCabe relied on her to ensure that he had the information he needed to make decisions, without it being filtered through multiple layers of management.

Several witnesses told the OIG that Page circumvented the official chain of command and that Strzok communicated important Midyear case information to her, and thus to McCabe, without Priestap’s or Steinbach’s knowledge. McCabe said that he was aware of complaints about Page, and that he valued her ability to “spot issues” and bring them to his attention when others did not do so.

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