Strzok Testimony Released! DOJ & Hillary Had a Treacherous Agreement


Doug Collins released Peter Strzok’s testimony and The Washington Examiner found some highly incriminating information about the insidious relationship between Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton.

Page’s testimony backs up what we thought about Strzok, McCabe, all of them.

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok told Congress last year that the agency “did not have access” to Clinton Foundation emails that were on Hillary Clinton’s private server because of a consent agreement “negotiated between the Department of Justice attorneys and counsel for Clinton.”

It didn’t matter that the Clinton Foundation documents were on the server because of the agreement. Strzok believed it was “on one of the servers, if not the others.”

The Majority General Counsel at the time, Zachary Somers Somers asked in the 2018 hearing: “Were you given access to those emails as part of the investigation?”

Strzok replied: “We were not. We did not have access,” according to the transcript.

He said he didn’t have probable cause to get to the servers. He also didn’t have immediate access to the servers but “obtained possession of the servers over time.”

We know that they also gave all her aides immunity from prosecution. Most took the Fifth before Congress. When the FBI interviewed Hillary, she was not under oath and there was no transcript, just notes.


As you can see from the testimony, there was no reason this couldn’t have been released to the public. Despite the Democrat claims, there is nothing top secret here.

Strzok did confirm that they were looking for intent. He also said he could be the subject of blackmail over his affair with Lisa Page.

Collins released Bruce Ohr’s testimony, then Lisa Page’s, and now this.


Strzok and Page were trying to protect the country from “the menace.” They are rabidly pro-Democrat.

As Lisa Page testified, Peter Strzok had impeachment and career advancement in mind during the entire investigation. Hillary was never a target.

We found out earlier today that the lead prosecutor for Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman has left the team. That suggests the Mueller probe is finally winding down, although they have funding through September.

Mueller’s team was an all-pro-Hillary team. We can expect nothing good from them.




  1. Will the real truths EVER come out,,,,,ya….in twenty or so years. Just like we are waiting for the real truth about JFK assassination. What we CAN surmise is that just as Trump has repeatedly said, this was a coup, a false dossier, all kinds of collusion between Hillary’s henchmen, the FBI, the CIA, the directors , the agents…….Fusion GPA, probably Hillary’s Podesta, and I still believe Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked to Wikileaks. I would love to hear Assange admit that, he has certainly intimated that. This whole coup against Trump will go down in history as one of the most corrupt action against a duly elected President. But even now, STILL when you read various comment, the loons still believe all the crap the MSM fed them over the last two plus years. Even if this report gets published to the public (which is not going to happen) these propaganda consumers will STILL insist he was in Russia’s pocket.

  2. Strzok should be given two choices: “If you flip and testify against everyone, you’ll only serve half the time you are sentenced to. Or, don’t flip and serve it all. You’ve got 30 minutes. Choose wisely

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