Student at Bowling Green Uncovers KKK Operation on Campus


An alert student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio uncovered a KKK group on campus.

Oh, wait, it’s not. The harrowing discovery turned out to be lab equipment.

The student said that isn’t the point anyway and still insisted it existed.

That didn’t embarrass the student or her twitter peeps. She did get flak but her response is that it’s the possibility that it could have been. That’s the real story.

There is another hate group that exists and is being lauded — BlackLivesMatter. It’s also a communist group.



  1. I thought that this was an okay article. Until your final comment. Do you even know what a communism is? BLM is not a communist movement. It’s not even communist in its ideals. I hope that you do research or maybe think before you spread overly opinionated trash as fact. I’m not even a liberal and I know this. Come on people.

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