Student Expelled for Saying There Are Two Genders


A student was expelled from school in the U.K. for saying there are two genders, and adding “anything else is personal identification.” He wasn’t insulting LGBTs or denying them their right to see themselves as another gender. The student was debating science.

Scientifically, there are two genders, but the teacher said the student is not ‘inclusive’ in saying that. The teacher told the student “not everything is scientific.”

The student explained his viewpoint and also told the teacher he wasn’t ‘inclusive’ by rejecting him for his opinion.

The teacher wouldn’t even allow debate since he had no reasonable argument.

This was in Scotland and it’s what is taught these days. Politics is destroying science, and the U.K. is lost

CBN News reports that the student cannot return to his school this fall. The Evening Standard reports the student, who goes by the name of Murray, will not be going back to Mearns Academy in Scotland to complete his education.

The teacher is a fascist and the school is backing him up. This is mindful of the time when the Church, the power at the time, executed people who said the earth was round.

Scientifically, there are two genders.

Watch the video:

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