Student Told She Can’t Speak Because She’s White, Made to Stand in the Back


An Evergreen College student is trying to change the culture at the bigoted little institution of hate which receives tax dollars. The college is completely out of control but it is a microcosm of what is going on throughout the nation. People better pay attention.

Evergreen State College was recently in the news when a far-left professor turned up on Tucker Carlson’s show to describe how he was kicked off campus because he didn’t participate in a one-day protest during which white people were not allowed to speak. 

The President of the college gives the students whatever they demand no matter how they behave to get their demands met. Screaming and violence is okay.

One student is fighting back

Student Mackenzie Kyger says she was not allowed to speak at “several meetings” with students and staff “because she’s white.” She was ordered to stand in the back and at times, she couldn’t go into the room.

Faculty and students continually blasted white people and “pretty much blamed them for everything.” They did so in the most vulgar of terms.

One anatomy course Kryger took ended up simply being a social justice course.

Kryger is a liberal who went to Evergreen because she believes in social justice and diversity.

Campus Reform reported the Ms. Kryger tried to get the attention of the school’s Board of Trustees, but failed. She finally contacted FIRE.

Kyger recently elaborated on her remarks in an interview with Benjamin Boyce, an Evergreen State alumnus who has been “investigating the far-left ideological framework promulgated by [his] alma mater,” according to his website.

You might want to listen to this interview.

“I’m all for actual social justice, I just…I don’t think what the people at Evergreen are asking for is social justice,” Kyger told Boyce. “Focusing on the color of someone’s skin or treating them differently based on their skin color, which is what they’re asking for…That, to me, is racism.”

If you’re not for insulting whites, Ms. Kryger, you’re not with the Marxist social justice program. It’s not that the violent, bigoted students don’t get it, it’s that Mackenzie doesn’t get it. This is what the left has wrought.

Next is the protest that launched the media coverage of the college takeover. Obviously, no one is learning anything good at this Marxist, hippie college.

The students speaking are very vulgar, racist and literally insane in some cases.

One of the students couldn’t even read and she’s in college.

The way they treat the administrator is disgusting.

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