Students at Howard U to James Comey: ‘Get Out Comey, You Ain’t My Homie’


Former FBI Director James Comey was at Howard University Friday to deliver a convocation address but it was drowned out by chants including, Get out Comey, you ain’t my homie!”

They also sang, ‘We shall not be moved,’ and ‘No justice, no peace, no racist police’. They apparently don’t have manners nor and believe in silencing speakers they don’t agree with. While it’s hard for some of us to support Jim Comey, this is a disgraceful exhibition.

Comey has a part-time position at the university and tried to wait out the angry response.

Students are angry for a number of reason including his surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters/rioters.

He told the students the school “reminds us that we have been through very tough times and always emerged better and stronger.”

“There is a lot of pain and hurt in this world right now,” Mr. Comey said. “Our country is going through one of those periods, where we’re trying to figure out who are we really and what do we stand for.”


There was nothing he could have said that would have mattered.


As he tried to speak, the students sang, ‘We shall not be move.’ The students want to silence speech and that’s not good.

They also sang, ‘We shall overcome’, ‘I love being black’, ‘No justice, no peace, no racist police’.

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