Students Say It’s Unethical to Celebrate Thanksgiving


Students are taught to hate the USA, our holidays, and all we stand for. It’s the sorry state of affairs today. Sadly, the students who were interviewed for the clip below attend a small Christian school in Minnesota.

College Fix asked them if we should celebrate Thanksgiving, the beautiful holiday where Americans give thanks for all our blessings in this great country.

The first girl interviewed said the holiday celebrates “genocide” and it’s just more “capitalist bullsh*t.”

The next student said he was “leaning towards no” because of the “historical context,” the awful oppression of Indigenous people.”

Another said it was “an unethical holiday.” One said Christmas and Easter are worse than Thanksgiving.

Most don’t think we should celebrate the “violent oppressiveness,” but a couple said if we have the right values, it’s okay.

The education they receive is from the perspective of the white colonists, a student said. They were all taught Thanksgiving was not ethical and a lot of our holidays are about oppression.

Our conclusion is students are being taught to hate America, our traditions, and all that made us great. They are all victims of Marxist teachers, it seems.



  1. Of course, they can’t wrap their rigid, little minds around the concept that Thanksgiving is not a celebration of the past, it is a celebration of being delivered from the past.

  2. Racism is such an part of America that when someone speaks the truth about the history of genocide, slavery in this country or takes a knee at a football game they are judged as hating America.

  3. ” … oppression of Indigenous people.”

    The Indigenous people were at war with each other before the white Europeans arrived; they raided villages, scalped and captured ‘slaves’. Oppression existed.

    • How would expect them to know this, since authentic History is no longer taught. Since the beginning of recorded history, nations and come and gone. Nations have been invaded by other nations and reshaped. It is the history of man. But our brainwashed, highly educated elitists of today have no clue about world history.

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