Study Shows Hillary Received More Than 800,000 Votes from Non-Citizens


The media ripped President Trump for claiming Hillary Clinton received millions of illegitimate votes. Many in the media told him to commission a study to prove it. When he said he would, they criticized that as well. A new study operating independently of the government uncovered hundreds of thousands of votes placed for Hillary Clinton by ineligible voters.

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University worked with colleagues on groundbreaking research on non-citizen voting. His study found Hillary Clinton received votes from more than 800,000 non-citizens on Election Day.

The Washington Times reports that national polling by a consortium of universities found 6.4% of adult non-citizens  voted in November. Extrapolating from the data, Professor Richmond says 834,381 net votes would have gone to Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton would have received about 81 percent of the noncitizen votes.

That could be a low number and this could be only scratching the surface.

There are still dead people or people who moved not cleaned off the roles in many states. When I monitored polls a few elections back, I found union guys running to the back to do something to the machines and suddenly we found people voted who we thought hadn’t voted.

Then there are those who vote with fake IDs.

This needs to be investigated and we hope President Trump follows through on his plan to study it.

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Jo Olmos
Jo Olmos
7 years ago

Send me an email with links to the actual studies done by the universities.