Stunning Audio of Border Patrol In Active Pursuit of Muslims


“A country that can’t control borders is no longer a country because it results in changes in the “character and composition” of the country.” ~ Pat Buchanan

If you want to know what is going on at the border without being there, we have actual audio clips of law enforcement in pursuit of illegal aliens in this post. The first audio clip is of illegal alien Muslims being pursued within our borders.

area covered

The 01.22-minute audio clip below is from a five hour audio of one single pursuit by Border Patrol. The photo above is a satellite image of the area where the detection and pursuit took place.

Border Patrol Agents had been tracking this group of illegal aliens for hours.

The group being pursued is comprised of two coyote guides and six illegal aliens – who just happen to be Muslims. This fact becomes apparent at the 00:43 mark when the Omaha 25 pilot states: “Be advised ah, a replay of the tape shows ah, about sun up there was some kneeling going on.” The clip goes silent.

These UAV pilots have spent thousands of hours flying armed UAVs over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen. Muslim prayer time occurs five times each day, and they have seen countless numbers of muslims kneeling on their prayer rugs.

The final disposition of this group is unknown.

You have likely heard about this, but the fact is being denied by media outlets like yahoo news and HuffPo.

Jihadists are active in Mexico, Central America and South America and are heavily involved in the drug trade. Illegal alien Muslims should concern all Americans.

This is what President Obama has brought to our shores and continues to support.

The next audio clip, which was posted yesterday on this website, is a composite of incidents occurring over a 24-hour period that have been compressed into a fifteen minute file. It is the radio traffic of Border Patrol agents, Texas Department of Public Safety officers, and Border Patrol support aircraft being collected at a listening post near Mission, Texas, and these incidents could be occurring anywhere within the its reception range.

The audio, first posted on the “Secure Border Intel” website, is at “ground zero” in the Rio Grande where we see the surge of unaccompanied alien children, as well as a huge increase in family groups and alleged family groups, criminal aliens and drug smugglers.

The incidents all involve pursuit of groups attempting to evade apprehension, not innocents turning themselves into Border Patrol or DPS.


This last audio is on the second day, a Sunday, and reflects a slower day of activity. Even criminals have a day of rest. Even though it was a relatively slow day, many of the groups were large. Some were 200 or so.