Teamsters Snub Hillary, Larry Kudlow Makes a Stunning Statement!


The richest and one of the oldest and most powerful unions in the country will not, at this point, support Hillary Clinton. They want to see if Joe Biden will enter the race. In another development, executives for the organization said they want to talk with Republicans, most notably Donald Trump.

The Teamsters might like his pro-growth message.

Donald Trump presented his tax plan yesterday and it went over well. It’s similar to Ronald Reagan’s plan. He answered criticisms about it adding to the deficit by saying he would cut enormous agencies like the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency and he explained why he prefers local control.

The video below went viral because Larry Kudlow not only endorsed Donald Trump’s tax plan, he suggested the government might need to be shut down over the Obama Socialism or one of these issues the Republicans stand for. It’s time for Republicans to stop trying to appease Democrats and come out with a strong platform representing what they stand for, a philosophy of beliefs, and communicate it to the party, he stated.

Larry Kudlow is a well-known economist and he likes the Trump tax plan. He compared it to Ronald Reagan’s in an appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show Tuesday.

“Remember, China’s is 25, so if you want to beat China, lower the corporate tax rate — and that’s just what Donald Trump has done. And by the way, small businesses … would pay the same low 15 percent rate. That’s one of the key features.

“And, by the way, cutting into corporate tax is huge for economic growth.”

Kudlow said “I never thought I’d see a candidate do it.

“It’ll give us a gigantic advantage. Bring capital and businesses to the U.S., make us the most hospitable place to invest — and that’s what Donald Trump has done.”

Kudlow, who is considering a run for the Senate in Connecticut, also likes Senator Cruz. He told Steve Malzberg “not to write him off.” He’s very impressed with him – he’s very smart – he said. Cruz wants to erase Obamacare, believes a flat tax is pro-growth, he doesn’t want to stifle energy and believes our rights come from God. He sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan and JFK, Kudlow said.


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