Stunning Email: Hillary Even Had to Be Told to Say Her Entire Career Is About Helping Children


hillary6A website believed to be tied to Russia has broken into the correspondence of the former Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall and they have uncovered Hillary Clinton’s new email. They have also released an email that proves Hillary was completely scripted in an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show — we have the questions and answers she was given before the show.


First of all, Hillary’s email is likely: and you can tell her what you think of her.

This email sent to Marshall and other Clinton insiders came from that email address.


DC Leaks put out some new emails that prove Hillary’s appearance on The Steve Harvey Show was not a surprise as it was billed but was actually planned down to a photo of a 12-year old Hillary and every question she was asked. Shockingly, she was given answers as well for her “casual sit down”.

Every question and answer was written by her staff. Nothing went unscripted.

The purpose of all this is to fool specific voters into thinking Hillary’s appearance was casual and her answers were impromptu:

“The purpose of this interview is to reach African American and women voters. We reached out to the show because it is the most watched TV show for African Americans in the United States.

Steve’s show averages 2.6 million viewers daily and has a significant social media following. His main demographic is women ages 25-54. Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable.”

The questions were very detailed and Hillary was given the answers. Maybe because she often “gets confused” as Huma Abedin said. Look at how the staff tells her to say she watches Charlotte in awe and “when she learned to clap her hands, we gave her a standing ovation”. Even that isn’t real.

Question from Steve to YOU: 

What do YOU think of Robin’s question?

I’m lucky, I only have one grandchild at the moment and another one coming this summer! So I’m just experiencing the newness of it all. We spend countless hours just watching Charlotte in awe. When she learned to clap her hands, we gave her a standing ovation…

I love to sing the song ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ and that keeps Charlotte entertained.

One suggestion for how to keep the 12 grandkids entertained is to have them play a game together, have them engaged and break them up in teams and plan something that’s active like a scavenger hunt!

During the segment they will display this picture:



Segment 2: YOUR sit-down interview – (7 to 8 minutes)

This segment will be a casual chat between YOU and Steve.  It is structured so that the two of you can have fun but also tackle topics important to YOU and Steve, such as gun violence and faith.  This segment generally runs 7-8 minutes.

1- Welcome to Chicago. Important question. No flip flopping.  Deep dish or thin crust?

Note: Obviously this is a playful start to the segment to break the ice. Steve may even follow-up with “Hot sauce or no hot sauce?” since they’ve read that YOU love hot sauce. We can see Steve having fun with this.

  • [YOU]

2- YOUR campaign’s obviously off to a great start. How are things different this time around for YOU?

I think I am a different, and perhaps a better candidate. I think I learned a lot from that race. I also have some additional experience that is incredibly relevant to being president and commander in chief. Those four years as Secretary of State gave me a front-row seat on the opportunities and the perils that we face in the world. So I feel very much confident and ready to do the job.

Look Steve, I’m running for president to knock down all the barriers that are holding Americans back, and to rebuild the ladders of opportunity that will give every American a chance to advance, especially those who have been left out and left behind. I think America can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every American has a chance to live up to his or her potential. That will be my mission as president. And I think together we will make progress.

3- Race is such a hot button issue in America right now, we tackle it often here.  How would YOU better bridge racial divides?

The hard truth is, our country’s struggle with racism is far from over.  And this has been one of the fights of my life, from when I first got out of law school and went to South Carolina to help juveniles being held in adult prisons, or when I went down to Alabama, to investigate segregation academies.

It was a fight I continued as First Lady, when I worked across the aisle to reform our foster care system, or to get the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  Because too many poor minority children have the deck stacked against them from day one.

It was a fight I continued as Senator, when I fought for resources for reducing childhood lead poisoning, which disproportionately affects communities of color today. And when I introduced the Count Every Vote Act, to protect voting rights for everyone in our democracy.

My entire career has been about helping every child – from every background – live up to his or her God-given potential.  I’ve walked the…

Her entire career is helping every child but someone had to write that answer out for her? And were are supposed to believe her? If you ever watch her speeches, you will notice she must constantly shift her eyes down to look at her notes. She literally can’t remember more than a sentence.

You get the idea. The entire memo is linked below. It’s truly stunning.


Event Memo – Taping of the Steve Harvey Show by Maureen Dowling on Scribd



  1. In the first place, she had NOTHING to do with the Children’s Health Reform Act. That was the brain child of then Sen. Bob Dole who could not get it to pass. After Reagan won the WH, they pulled it back out, revamped it and it passed with flying colors as a majority and Reagan signed it into law. it was already in effect before they even made the WH 1st time! So that is a flat out lie! Secondly, she has done nothing to help the blacks in this country. Starting with Abraham Lincoln, who set the slaves free to start with, it was the DEMOCRATS that started the KKK and ran rampant with it until a republican put an end to It later on, Sorry I don’t remember the Republicans name but he forced the KKK to back off immediately. That is why they are not prominent to this day. They exist but are not as active as they were b4 the REPUBLICANS put a stop to it. She has done nothing except try to start it up again and cause division in the country again, along with her bed mate, the bummer! She is such a liar she can’t even get history straight!

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