Stunning Facts About Crime in the United States by Ethnicity


The statistics of murders in America by ethnicity do not bear out the complaints of oppression of African-Americans.

Bill O’Reilly shared what he called fact-checked statistics on his show December 2, 2014:

  • In 2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders in America; whites committed 4,396. Whites comprise 63 percent of the population; blacks 13 percent. So, anyone — anyone thinking clearly  — can see that the homicide rate among blacks way out of proportion thus, the police intrusion into black precincts. Since, in a whopping 90 percent of black homicides, the dead person is another black or the offender himself.
  • 99.9 percent of all police arrests do not result in a fatality.
  • In the past 50 years, the rate of black Americans killed by police has dropped 70 percent. In 2012, 123 African- Americans were shot dead by police. There are currently more than 43 million blacks living in the U.S.A. Same year, 326 whites were killed by police bullets. Those are the latest stats available.

Blacks are about 12.5% of the population but they comprise almost 50% of the prison population (1 million of the 2.3 million incarcerated are black).

According to FBI records, in 2005 alone, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans. It is because of gangs.

These are facts.

There are many other facts not being considered in this post such as the disproportionate number of arrests and imprisonment of blacks over whites for the same drug offenses. Many black fathers are in prison and can’t raise their children. However, on the other hand, 73% of black children are born out of wedlock.

The stats don’t consider the saturation of police in poor, high crime black areas or the fact that many arrests are connected to gang activity which counts for some of the disparity.

There is an alleged rash of white police attacking blacks. The statistics don’t support it nor do they support a rash of white-on-black crime. Quite the opposite is true.

Blacks are attacking whites at a far greater rate than whites are attacking blacks and police rarely kill blacks or anyone.

Watch Bill Whittle via Truth Revolt:



  1. Your are ignorant of the facts. The only difference is culture. Go to a black community what you will see is youngsters selling drugs in open day light. Their drug turf is claimed clearly. Many are carrying guns illegally, so it’s a no brainer for a cop. Other communities don’t use their children is the illegal drug business like the black community. When the older gangsters, affiliates and friends started getting arrested for their actions they began utilizing young children for running drugs because they couldn’t be convicted and sent to State prison due to their juvenile status. This resulted in children from the black and hispanic communities with lengthly criminal records prior to adulthood. White communities don’t tend to do this. Neither do Asians etc.. Parents and families look the other way to tattoo’s, hand signals and other obvious signs indicating their family member is in a gang particularly black and hispanic. To bring a communities young children into such illegal activities dooms it.

    • You are generalizing the whole population. These statistics are obviously incorrect and without proper citation, but these statistics prove racism in America. Blacks are no more likely to sell or use drugs than whites are in america, and whites sell more drugs in America than black,s yet blacks make up over %57 of the drug arrests in America? But that doesn’t make sense right? Or the fact that %30 of the population of the US are colored minorities but over %60 of the prison populace is of color? Racism is a huge issue in America, and using a culture or community, and then calling that s race is ignorant. Your logic is like me saying that “no race like white people like to do meth, inbreed, and rape children” because that’s not the white community, that is the white criminal community, you are generalizing blacks through your ignorance. Many other facts prove you wrong, and blacks are %80 more likely to be frisked from being pulled over. Not just this, but the job market, economic statute, aswell as the police force are more racially charged towards colored men…but point being, none of these stats are factually based, other than incorrect statistics.

  2. This is bull because whites started the drug trade into the U.S. for their money gain and fed it into the black community read Your history please. You afraid of black always have been and always will be. Weapons are the only reason whites have what they have today. Check you sad cruel history 🙁

  3. Hi Person,
    I am from Australia, so I have little idea of both experience or facts regarding the claims you make there. I have heard reports & seen, from the media & American society, racism coming from both Blacks, and Whites, though it seems more socially acceptable when the Black community does it. And I have learnt not to trust angry people making claims-most people are simply not very reliable. Good statistics go a long way, which the video makes, but you make good points.

    I have also heard from a friend (whom I consider way saner than average) that race relations are often flamed as a result of the media, not so much by everyday relations – do you think so?

    Poverty in the US -as you say, a contributor to crime- I don’t know enough about the history & circumstances to have much of an opinion, but I very much doubt that even effects from past racism on poverty would pale in comparison with the poverty caused by the money banking system. or US equivalent.

    “They wouldn’t be anti-white for no reason”, “they aren’t going to stop….”
    Person, are you aware that in the beginning of your argument your are excusing Black racism? Would you excuse white racism the same way? I bet no – because you would get looked down on.
    I was a victim of what I believe was very likely a race crime, an unprovoked & serious assault. Would YOU give me license to treat others badly because of race? I am sure your answer is the same as mine-NO.

    I observe that when I do something wrong their is ALWAYS reasons for it. And it always includes that I failed to take personal responsibility to heal or change (i.e. not going” someone treated me bad, so I deserve to treat others bad”).
    And I put to you it is always our early influences that teach us how to feel about things-isn’t that right?

    And I am certainly at a far distance, but I do get the impression that a lot of the black community (like EVERYONE else) don’t seem to get that the main people they need to hold responsible & forgive are their parents & other early influences.
    E.g. 1. is it it true that it is common for a black kid to be taught to hate police, rather than befriend them?
    E.g. 2. is it true that black children are often taught to hate white people, coz the earlier generation didn’t grieve & forgive, and passed down the anger instead?
    e.g. 3. Is it true that black children are more likely to feel, from there environment, that violence is masculine, or that violence is good, or that crime is the way?

    I don’t know, but if there is any truth in that, I would hope that it is addressed.

    I put to you that this applies to everyone. I include a link explaining it more. It is the reason why it is BEST to treat each other as equal, and therefore this means RESPONSIBLE for healing our own stuff, rather than blaming others for our own actions:

    You also may well be right about previous Govt policies being discriminatory, and that is certainly something to be addressed, if it hasn’t been already. But isn’t it true, as demonstrated above, that -for some social or parental (NOT racial-no scientific basis) reason, the black on white statistically commit more assaults? (they would be reported equally, wouldn’t they?)
    It’s like me being a male, but then deigning that males commit more child sexual assaults or Domestic Violence. Yes, they do, for some reason. From a love perspective, it doesn’t justify treating all men like that we are inferior.

    And my point is then: if I want to help solve the problem, that means treating people equally, not excusing treating others bad or assuming they are bad because they are white.

    Now, the point of the video above is about getting facts straight when making accusations. From what I saw about “Black Lives Matter”, they don’t do that. To me they seem driven by revenge, quite a bit of hate rather than Love, a lot of rage (which is fine), which they then project onto others (which is unloving & continues the sin).
    They also assume a cop is in the wrong without considering the dangerous position he is in & wondering what they would do in the Policeman’s position. They always assume that if the guy is white, he must be in the wrong, and if black, he must be in the right. But facts are pretty impossible to verify. I wish better statistics and body cameras will be used.
    I do get the impression that if I am white I am a guilty bad guy (unless I make a show of how much I hate white racism) and that any disagreement or questioning is automatically racist. Well that is not treating others as equal, & I won’t go along with it.

    I find that if I project my rage onto a punch bag, not at others in any projection, then it s much better for everyone – even if it is “justifiable”. Much better than projecting it at others, & responsible.

    vidieo, see about time= 8:45 plus a few min.

  4. Who ever wrote that African Americans make up more than half of prisons. Therefore, they commit more crimes than a white man. This is a false statement because African Americans are treated unfairly when it comes to criminal justice. 85% of African americans who are pulled over are frisked and only 8% of whites are frisked. Racial profiling is real. African Americans get longer time than whites when they commit the same crime. I want you to tell me why does it just happen to be a white police officer that kills an African American?

  5. Your facts have no validity. You absolutely have no knowledge of how African Americans are treated in this country. Your logic is also inconsistent. How is it that African Americans commit more crimes than Caucasians, yet they are the “minority”? I’m confused. Lastly, there is no possible way for African Americans to be racist, prejudice yes, but not racist. Racism pertains to how much power that race has to deter, or inflict, another race. Many African Americans do not have the power of the economic system, the courts, politics, or any entity within the American culture to stop, or get away with harming any other race. Therefore, there is no possible way African Americans can be racist. Think about it. African Americans have no control over whether any other ethnicity can live in a particular area, but Caucasians do and often force, what others would say “minorities”, out of there homes by raising the prices on properties and rent to build homes for other Caucasians knowing that these people cannot afford to stay; known as gentrification. How more racist could that be? It’s all about the privilege that one specific race has over all others.

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