Stunning Fall of Hillary’s ‘Real News’ Network


al jazeera Al Gore sold his channel to Al Jazeera and the left embraced them though they are clearly propaganda for radical Islamists. Iraq has just shut down Al Jazeera for ‘instigating violence and sectarianism.” It’s already banned in Egypt and a number of other Middle Eastern nations but it’s not banned here though their TV station failed because people weren’t ready for the jihadist network. Iraq has banned Al Jazeera journalists from the country and closed the channel’s Baghdad office, accusing Qatar’s state-funded TV network of inciting violence and sectarianism. The country’s communications and media commission this week told the network that its license to operate would be revoked for one year. The commission’s letter cited “continuing violations and offenses and persistent media discourse instigating violence and sectarianism”.

The network whose Iraq War coverage U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said was “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable,” is a consistent anti-western, pro-jihad voice, sharing its Qatar government benefactor with a number of radical Sunni Muslim groups, Newsbusters reported. They have favored Hamas over Israel – Hamas is Qatar’s sugar daddy. They are blatantly pro-Muslim Brotherhood like Obama; they ignored the horrific sexual attack of Lara Logan; it’s the main media outlet for suicide bombers and al Qaeda. They posted the infamous call to blow up infidels’ children. Those are just a few tidbits. In 2008 the network threw a birthday/prison release party for a Lebanese terrorist who “shot an Israeli child’s father in front of her, and then beat her to death with his rifle back in 1979.”  AJZ felt Kuntar’s birthday merited cake and fireworks, and one of the network’s interviewers told Kuntar, “You deserve even more than this. hilalry1 Hillary called Al Jazeera the only “real news” though it is a propaganda network run by the corrupt, sharia-law-bound oil barons in Qatar. Al Jazeera is one of Hillary’s favorite networks. In the video below, she dissed the mainstream media and said Al Jazeera is “real news.” She apparently can’t tell fascist propaganda from factual reports.

December, 2014, Hillary put out a call to “empathize” and try to “understand” ISIS and other jihadist terrorists. Her appeasement policies fall in line with Al Jazeera’s propaganda. In August of last year, one of the Al Jazeera writers put out a call to stop calling ISIL “evil”. They are “not of the same plane with the Orcs of Lord of the Rings” after all. “By demonising ISIL, you remove any sense of needing to understand that legitimacy, and instead, focus entirely on whatever response you choose to pursue,” the writer and propagandist James Denselow insisted. In fact, ISIL is evil and so is Al Jazeera, the network of jihadists and Hillary Clinton.