Stunning FBI corruption in Spygate! Read the Kavalec memo


The Sentinel reported part of the story of the Kavalec memo May 9th but we have more information now — and it is confirmed. Rep. Mark Meadows confirmed the State Department notes exposing Christopher Steele’s lies and more were transmitted to the FBI before submitting the application for the spy warrant of Carter Page.

The FBI had four pieces of “derogatory information” about Steele from State Department official Kathleen Kavalec: Steele broke his FBI agreement and went to the State Department, he gave State false information, his political deadline was election day, and lastly, he was leaking to The Washington Post and The New York Times.

None of this was ever revealed to the FISA court. Solomon added that the FBI has been stonewalling, trying to block congressional Republicans from the information and the memo.

Solomon says the FBI knew that the State Department official figured out in 45 minutes that Steele lied. She told the FBI. The FBI then pretended for more than two years that they couldn’t figure any of this out.


Ten days before the FBI submitted the infamous Steele dossier to a FISA court as evidence of why it needed a surveillance warrant on Trump’s campaign adviser Carter Page, a State Department official named Kathleen Kavalec raised concerns about the dossier’s legitimacy.

Kavalec, the Assistant Secretary of State, put her concerns in a typed memo and in handwritten notes, investigative reporter John Solomon reported in a piece for The Hill on Thursday.

Kavalec pointed to one of Christopher Steele’s lies, the one where he claimed in the dossier that Russians pieced together a “technical/human operation run out of Moscow targeting the [2016] election” that reportedly recruited emigres in the U.S. to “do hacking and recruiting.” He said the emigres were paid through the Russian consulate in Miami, but, she said, “there is no Russian consulate in Miami.”

All of Comey’s officials were told of the concerns.


We don’t know how Mr. Solomon got the memo since FBI Director Christopher Wray allegedly put in under seal for 25 years, but it is redacted.

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marty lopez
3 years ago

The people responsible for thwarting the release of these types of material, documents and information need to be held accountable.

Bill Garrison
Bill Garrison
3 years ago

Why would Wray put a piece of evidence under seal for 25 years? Is he trying to be the next James Comey and cover the behinds of the deep state actors who tried to overthrow the 2016 election?

marty lopez
3 years ago
Reply to  Bill Garrison

Of course he is. He is a swamp creature and should be thrown out of the Director’s office.

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
3 years ago

It is apparent that under Chris Wray’s guidance as Director of the FBI, the FBI has not made any progress in its effort to remove the political hacks , (including Mr. Wray), who occupy the agency and are still covering up and obfuscating to protect CRIMINALS like James Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Mueller and others. There will be no fair investigation of the corrupt FBI under the “leadership” of Christopher Wray, just more of the cover-up.

jimmy matho
jimmy matho
3 years ago

extrajudicial justice dealt from black helicopters are needed to cleanse our republic!!!

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Hopefully this is the much needed evidence to blow this case wide open to the corruption at the FBI under Comey and approved by Obama.