Stunning – Now Everyone Knows Obama Lied About Obamacare



Reporters have repeatedly asked the White House for the numbers of people signing up for the Obamacare exchanges but they can’t get a straight answer from the White House. They know the White House has the numbers and they know they are being lied to.

Listen to some discuss the lying by the White House:

The problem goes beyond website ‘glitches’ and ‘kinks’.

The CBO now says that as many as 20 million could lose their health insurance. Obama lied to the American public. He knew millions would lose their healthcare. Kathleen Sebelius wrote the rules to ensure that it would happen. Check that out on this link.

We now know that Obamacare will have much higher premiums for most people and people won’t keep their doctor in many cases. Some premiums are going up 200% to 400% – that’s a lot of money and many can’t afford it.

Listen to Natalie’s story:

It was supposed to be Mr. Obama’s signature achievement but he can’t even get the website to sell it off the ground. is out of commission again today and it seems unlikely that the website will be ready by the end of November, though the administration has promised us it will be. The White House announced last Wednesday that there will be a six week delay of the individual mandate.

Democrats shut the government down so there would not be a delay but ironically they will desperately need a delay for a lot longer than six weeks.

A last minute decision by someone in authority to alter the website helped cause the system to blow up. Perhaps it was the nail in the coffin. At the last minute, someone decided to require that registrants go through the entire application process on before they could see the unsubsidized premiums, premiums which are coming in very high with astronomical out of pocket costs.

That might have been a political decision aimed at keeping the press and the curious from easily finding out the cost of the premiums, though it is supposition at this point.

That could hardly be the only reason the site is crashing. The website doesn’t work on any level, including security. It’s a hacker’s dream.

Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani:


If people can sign up for Obamacare and that is a big ‘if,’ the success of the Obamacare exchanges relies on young, healthy people signing up to offset the costs of sicker and older Americans. However, it appears that for every healthy person who signs up, there are two signing up for Medicaid, the government-subsidised program.

That plan is not working either.

Republicans should allow Obamacare to go along as is at this point and just stay in the background. Let the democrats hoist with their own petard as they seemed eager to do. Republicans have done enough and they are on the record asking for a one-year delay. Let the system unfold so people can see the truth for themselves and, if after seeing the results, they decide that they don’t want Obamacare, let there be a public outcry.