Stunning! Papadopoulos says man who gave him $10k cash is a CIA asset


In mid-May, former Trump aide George Papadopoulos told Maria Bartiromo about a mysterious man who, in the summer of 2017, reached out to him to offer him a job while he was vacationing with his wife on Mikonos at the time.

This person wanted him to go to Israel with him and talk about working together.

In a room in Tel Aviv, this person gave him $10,000 for some political consulting venture. Papadopoulos said he was very suspicious and flew to Athens with his then-girlfriend, now-wife, to meet with his lawyers and give them the money. The person who gave him the money said he didn’t want it back.

Then George flew back to D.C. When he landed, the FBI was waiting to arrest him. They checked all his bags. [Looking for the $10,000?]

As it happens, he found out that Robert Mueller’s team was in touch with officials in Cyprus about Paul Manafort and him.

The bills are still with his lawyers, and he thinks they are marked. He wants them checked by the Barr team.


As it turns out, today, on Sunday Morning Futures, Papadopoulos told Maria Bartiromo who the mysterious man was.

“A man named Charles Tawil gave me this money under very suspicious circumstances. A simple Google search about this individual will reveal he was a CIA or State Department asset in South Africa during the 90s and 2000s. I think around the time that Bob Mueller was the director of the FBI. So, I have my theory about what that was all about. The money I gave it to my attorney in Greece because I believed it was given to me under very suspicious circumstances. And after coming back to the United States, I had about seven or eight FBI agents rummaging through my luggage looking for money.”

As an additional point, Mr. Papadopoulos said he was indicted for not remembering when he met another CIA asset Joseph Mifsud the year before Mueller’s team interviewed him.

In August of last year, Tawil was questioned by The Daily Caller, and he said he was not a foreign agent. He was trying to help George open up a consulting business.

Another man also approached George with a proposition. He was also dealing with two other spies, Stefan Halper, and Joseph Mifsud, at the time.

George is now going to Greece to retrieve the $10,000 cash.


The conservative treehouse had some interesting information about Tawil.

WIKILEAKS Cables (about 2006): Paragraph #8, via conservative treehouse:

“These undisclosed sources told Zuma that American citizens (not connected with the U.S. Government) were involved. This in part, coincides with another Embassy contact, Charles Tawil (protect), who told our Economic Counselor on November 29 that Zuma had received information from the mother of the King of Swaziland about CIA attempts to kill Zuma using poisoned clothes from the FBI.”

Sounds like a spy.

The treehouse has more information here.


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4 years ago

Well what happen? Did George go and get the 10k? Did he give it to Barr?

John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

Brenner and Comey were orchestrating a coup d’etat against Trump. TREASON!!! This could Only have been authorized by Obama and Hillary.It is a far ranging and dangerous conspiracy that needs to be exposed prosecuted and the perps imprisoned for life.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

The FBI and CIA have long been compromised by the “enemy within”…