Stunning! Rosenstein Says Congress Has No Authority Over the DoJ [VIDEO]


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed the rule of law with University of Washington Law Professor Ronald Collins Tuesday. Rosenstein told the Professor that Congress does not have constitutional authority over the Department of Justice and the FBI. What he is saying is the Department is only required to try and get along with Congress.

The Deputy AG used a 1941 case involving then-Attorney General Jackson as a basis for his conclusion. Jackson flatly refused to turn over records to the Congress.

In other words, we live in the United States of the DoJ and the DoJ is its own little rogue government within a government. They investigate themselves.

When asked about Congress’s authority over the Department of Justice, Rosenstein said:

“But what has been established over time is that we have a responsibility to work with the Congress but they have responsibility to understand that their duty is not to interfere with ongoing investigations with the Department of Justice. Not to do anything that might compromise national security.

They are abusing that line and redacting everything.

He continued: “We have different responsibilities than they do. As long as everyone understands that, we are able to work these issues out. One of the things that developed was the Inspector General, we have an Inspector General in the Department of Justice. He is bound by the confidentiality rules in the Department of Justice and has greater access to the Department records then it would be appropriate to give Congress. That really is the purpose of the Inspector General.”

They investigate themselves in other words.

“I think there are among some people, a misunderstanding about what the Inspector General does. The Inspector General is a fully function…fully functional law enforcement who have the ability to conduct investigations and gather evidence….”

What the deputy wants you to believe is they only turn over information to get along and have no need to do so.

If you listen to the hour-long interview, you will see this was clearly a set up. This was a message to Congress and the Professor helped Rosenstein send it. The message is Congress has no authority over the DoJ. They are powerless except if the DoJ chooses to share out of the goodness of their little hearts.


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