Stunning Timeline of Events That Led to the Mizzou President’s “Resignation”


President Tim Wolfe
President Tim Wolfe

How did the Mizzou riots come about? It must have been terrible for them to want the president of the university fired, right? Well, here is the timeline of the events that led to the cupcakes revolting and demanding a man’s career be ruined. It’s from the Missourian and it’s a perfect example of mob rule. This is so unbelievable.

Sept. 12: Missouri Students Association president Payton Head claims in a Facebook post that some guys in a pickup truck shouted the “n” word about him. He says it happened many other times. No evidence presented, no witnesses, and it’s not known if they were even students.

Oct. 5: The Legion of Black Collegians members are the targets of racial slurs by a man on campus. A drunk, staggering white male interrupted their rehearsal and wandered onto the stage. He finally left saying, “These “n’s” are getting aggressive with me.” They tweeted the story describing the overt racism. The drunk student was expelled.

Oct. 8: Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announces mandatory online leftist diversity training for faculty, staff and students, which is met with widespread skepticism. Jonathan Butler, a leader of the resistance, says it’s not enough.

Jonathan Butler and other protesters
Jonathan Butler and other protesters

Oct. 10: Members of Concerned Student 1950 protest during the MU Homecoming Parade, blocking a car carrying UM System President Tim Wolfe. Allegedly, the driver of the president’s car allegedly tapped Jonathan Butler.

Oct. 21: Concerned Student 1950 issues a statement of demands, including a formal apology from Wolfe and his removal from office. They demand that he apologize for his white privilege among other things.

They issued these list of bizarre demands.

Oct. 24: A swastika using human feces is drawn on a bathroom wall in MU’s Gateway Hall. No witnesses, no one even saw it, no one caught for doing it, it could have been a leftist who did it if it even happened.

I don’t understand why they are upset. Are they Jewish? It’s also not racial, it’s religious. Why aren’t the Jewish kids complaining?

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, has been investigating the swastika poop but no one actually saw it. They only heard about it from a flyer?!?!

“On Saturday, October 24th, at 2:00am an individual came into one of the restrooms in Gateway Hall and drew a swastika on the wall with their own feces,” Donley wrote in a letter several days after the alleged incident. “This event happened while many students, including myself, were already asleep.” Later in his letter, Donley noted that he only founded out about the alleged vandalism incident “via a flyer posted on the walls” of the dorm.

A flyer?

Witnesses to even the existence of the graphic poop cannot be found. No one even has a photograph.

Although Donley did not respond to repeated requests for comment prior to publication, The Federalist spoke with two RHA staffers while trying to get in touch with Donley. Neither had personally witnessed the poop swastika. When asked if there was any photographic evidence of the alleged incident, one staffer replied, “Not to my knowledge.”

Frankie Minor, the director of residential life at Mizzou, did not respond to repeated requests for comment on whether he personally saw the poop swastika or any photographic evidence of it.

Hands Up, Don’t Poop!

Oct. 27: Concerned Student 1950 meets with Wolfe, but no issues are resolved.

Morning of Nov. 2: Jonathan Butler announces he will go on a hunger strike until Wolfe is removed from office.

Evening of Nov. 2: Students camp on Carnahan Quadrangle in support of the hunger strike and Wolfe’s removal from office.

Nov. 3: Concerned Student 1950 and supporters meet with Wolfe and Loftin near University Hall to discuss race relations and discrimination.

Evening of Nov. 3: Concerned Student 1950 decides to boycott MU services until Wolfe is removed from office.

Nov. 5: Concerned Student 1950 holds a demonstration on campus before the MU-Mississippi State football game.

About 200 members and supporters of Concerned Student 1950 participated in the demonstration, marching through campus and chanting “Join us in the revolution.”

Nov. 6: Wolfe issues an apology for his action and inaction during the Homecoming protest.

Evening of Nov. 6: Protesters confront Wolfe in Kansas City.

Student protesters with the group Concerned Student 1950 from both MU and the University of Missouri Kansas City met Wolfe outside a fundraiser at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. One student released a video in which the UM System president responds to the question, “Tim Wolfe, what do you think systematic oppression is?”

Wolfe says, “It’s — systematic oppression is because you don’t believe that you have the equal opportunity for success — “

The crowd of students reacts negatively, and the chatter is mostly inaudible.

Someone in the crowd yells, “Did you just blame us for systematic oppression, Tim Wolfe? Did you just blame black students —” before the video cuts off.

Nov. 7: Concerned Student 1950 holds demonstration in front of MU prospective students

Nov. 7: Black MU football players plan to boycott

Nov. 8: MU football team unites behind black athletes; officials, others issue statements. Everyone is very happy that Jonathan Butler won’t starve to death.

Jonathan Butler, obviously not starving
Jonathan Butler, obviously not starving

Nov. 9: Wolfe resigns, hunger strike ends. The students promise this is only the beginning. They want to run the school.

Has anyone seen George Soros handing out hundred dollar bills on campus, perhaps?

This is spreading as one would expect since it was successful. Peaceful marches or walkouts have occurred, or are planned, at Yale University, Ithaca College and Smith College in the Northeastern United States though they haven’t made any insane demands or acted like lunatics yet. The students are the product of left-wing parenting and instruction.