Stunning Truth Behind the Capture of Our U.S. Sailors by Iran


us sailors

The line we were fed by the government and the media about the capture of our U.S. sailors is unbelievable – literally.  The media and the administration droned on with the message – “mechanical failure” and “inadvertently drifted” and “boat in distress”.

Boats don’t drift 50 miles off course when one is capable of towing the other.

As John McCain said, “boats do not lose their sovereign immune status when they are in distress at sea.”

The U.S. boats held and released by the Revolutionary Guard were deliberately taken. They were not spy ships and they are well-equipped with radar, GPS, and chart plotters as well as having a trained force to steer clear of Iranian waters.

If the force wasn’t trained, it would be unheard of.

The Iranians took the ships GPS equipment so we can’t prove they were in international waters. We already know our government lies about almost everything and we know they will do anything to get this Iranian nuclear deal.

How could these ships end up 50 miles off course? Anyone who has boated knows this is completely unreasonable.

These sailors were in hostile territory and they knew they had to avoid the Iranian waters. One boat was reported to have problems. Normally, the other boat would tow them, they would not look for safe harbor in Iran. Certainly they would not have entered these waters without both ships being in top condition.

That story wasn’t working so our State Department came up with a new one, worse than the original. They admit the first story was false.

There was no engine failure, and the boats were never “in distress.” Once the sailors were released, AP reported, “In Washington, a defense official said the Navy has ruled out engine or propulsion failure as the reason the boats entered Iranian waters.”

Instead, said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at a press conference Friday morning, the sailors “made a navigational error that mistakenly took them into Iranian territorial waters.” He added that they “obviously had misnavigated” when, in the words of the New York Times, “they came within a few miles of Farsi Island, where Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps has a naval base.

They mis-navigated by 50 miles? Were they not trained? Didn’t they use their chart plotters?

U.S. sailors frequently travel these waters. This was not a difficult trip navigationally.

They never sent an S.O.S. to say they mis-navigated.

We are being fed a pack of lies. The sailors were in international waters when they were boarded.

This took place immediately before the State of the Union.

It’s very likely Iran planned this entire operation because as the experts below will say, it goes along with the domination they are asserting throughout the region. They are saying America won’t be there for you and you are on your on and we are supreme.

Our idiotic State Department went along with whatever the Iranians said. Nothing would stop this nuclear deal.

John Kerry thanked Iran for humiliating our sailors.

us sailor rag on head

These sailors were completely humiliated. As Senator Royce told Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom Thursday, the U.S. is being “rolled”. This took place right after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired a rocket close to our U.S. carrier.

The Iranians continue with “this type of bad behavior”, Royce said, “and we continue to retreat.”

Senator Royce said Iran is emboldened and there has been “one dangerous and provocative act after another. Whether it’s launching the ICBMS, whether it’s taking an additional U.S. hostage which they did some weeks ago, whether it’s this kind of activity…I believe they’re messaging throughout the region just as they did when they said they were going to overthrow the government of Bahrain, overthrow the government of Saudi Arabia, they’ve already overthrown the government in Yemen…so, this kind of actions, conducted by the Ayatollah, the Revolutionary Guards forces are just beginning…”

When the Iranians shot rockets 1500 yards off our ships, our administration did nothing.

During the Green Movement, we did nothing, and “this tilt towards Iran has strengthened the Ayatollah,” Royce said.


Retired Navy Captain Chuck Nash said exactly the same thing and more. He told Fox News anchor Martha McCallum that he believes Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the decision to release the footage because the group detaining the sailors was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which reports directly to Khamenei.

It wasn’t simply the Iranian Navy which reports up a military chain of command. This decision to release the tape and take these guys was made by Khamenei himself and it was done intentionally.

Nash wants to know what kind of training the commander of our ships had because he should have been trained to steer clear of enemy forces. We don’t know if he was under duress, however, Nash added.

The U.S. is trying to put lipstick on this pig by claiming that the nuclear deal enabled the U.S. to get these men back. Nash pushed back on that.

“This was done intentionally and it was done to further embarrass the United States” Nash said. “And to send the clear message to the Gulf Arabs: If the Americans won’t stand up for themselves, they’re certainly not going to stand up for you. We’re the big dog now.”


  • Of course they were in Iranian waters and they were there deliberately. There is no chance that Iran would think they could lie about where the ships were given US satellite capability. These sailors were deliberately sent into Iranian territory, for what purpose is not clear. But there is no chance that they weren’t in Iranian waters and there’s no chance it was accidental.

    The US military, and possibly the rest of the US government, tried to do something. Possibly the military wanted to provoke an incident to wreck the chance of a peaceful settlement with Iran. The US has constantly been unreasonable with Iran. This despite the fact that _their own intelligence services admitted Iran had no nuclear weapons program. Iran has consistently kept it’s side of the deal with regard to it’s nuclear program, and the US has constantly moved the goalposts.

    Look at the lies that are being spread, military ships aren’t “sovereign” in another countries territory. So why did McCain say they were? What’s agenda.

    • Your argument is illogical and without evidence. The US hasn’t been unreasonable with Iran – this deal is 90% in their favor and we can’t even verify they are telling the truth though we know they are liars – it’s not in the deal. They are grabbing innocent people as hostages, launching ICBMs, shooting off rockets near our ship, and on and on. They are clearly aggressors.
      I think McCain was referring to the fact that we are not at war with Iran and it is not standard practice to board another country’s ships and hold them at gunpoint if they stray from their path.

      There is no doubt we are being fed a pack of lies but it’s both Iran and the US lying. Why would Iran take the GPS? The only reason is to hide where they grabbed our sailors. This was planned and our idiots in State are covering so they can have the “deal” from hell.

      • ICBM ? just answer this, a country which lacks industrial power to make a car or a chip-set or even aluminum alloys
        is it possible to make a missile to hit any target ?! is it possible to make any nuclear detonator ?
        you are talking about a country which has third reserve of oil and still buys petrol, flooded with iron mines yet buys steel
        politics !!! these are all just for the feed of my mind inside and you outside, to me they make me proud to stand this hell to you brings customer (buying defensive weapons) to keep your belly full.
        something else, how do you feel about Persian navy in Mexican gulf ?!!

    • The Territorial Principle and Admiralty Jurisdiction

      Ships of a sovereign are considered to be part of the sovereign’s territory while they are on the high seas. As such admiralty jurisdiction as it relates to criminal law is really a species of territorially based jurisdiction. The term “high seas” is a technical term that for purposes of criminal jurisdiction at least is defined to include seas as well as waters that are tributary to them to the extent those waters are navigable. As a result a crime committed on a ship of one sovereign while it is in the territorial waters of a second sovereign is within the jurisdiction of the first. Depending upon the laws of the second sovereign, that sovereign may have concurrent jurisdiction over the crime.

      United States v. Flores, 289 U.S. 137 (1933)

  • From “The Jewish Press”— “You can get over a nasty bit of Iranian choreography forcing helpless US Navy men on their knees. But having given up the sanctions weapon on Iranian illegal ballistic missile development goes a long way to curtail US options in the region. Even without a fully developed nuclear weapon, Iran today may be capable of sending conventional warheads to Tel Aviv and a good part of Europe. When would the Administration start imposing sanctions—when there are forests of those missiles at the ready, targeting the Jewish State?”

    • Never attacked any country or occupied any foreign land in 300 hundreds years ?!! how about you with more than 250 nuclear warheads ?!
      do you want Iranians defenseless in the middle east neighboring Afghans, Arabs, Kurd’s And Turks
      Idea-logistic countries like Iran and Israel always need a purposed harmless enemy to survive !!!!

      • Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism in the world. They will develop nuclear weapons that can reach the US. They can reach Israel now. You’re either very uninformed or an Iranian sympathizer or Iranian.

        • So you mean Iran is the sponsor of al Qaeda ? Daesh ?! Taleban ?! in a better way Iran did 9/11 or the Paris ?! Though it was Iraqi Saddam then it was bin ladan ?! Ahhha now its the time for another invasion !

          I am Iranian by the way,

  • Those were not average sailors on average boats. The were operators on swcc boats. This was an intentional probe not an equipment failure or navigation error. Furthermore, NO US vessel enters the straights without a P-3 overhead.